Junk Files Cleaner free for PC

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Junk Files Cleaner is a hard disk cleaner designed by Digeus Incorporation. It can remove a compendium of junk files within minutes.

What are the key features of Junk Files Cleaner?

  • Deleting files: Junk Files Cleaner is a tool for cleaning your PC. It erases all files that are no longer used. It can erase more than 50 types of junk files including contemporary files, empty files and folders, shortcuts, and much more.
  • Validation: what is interesting with Junk Files Cleaner is that it asks for your permission before deleting a file. Indeed, you will be informed of which documents to keep and which to erase. This prevents you from deleting some of your important files.
  • Details: the user will be provided of the freed space for each deletion, Junk Files Cleaner indicates the size and path of the file it wants to erase. The interface is quite convenient and easy to use.

Is it free?

This is a free trial version. The full license costs $17.99.

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