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Arcade stands as the bundle of ultimate sound packs for DJs, producers, and musicians, offering multiple samples, synthesizers, and beats. In Arcade, you will find a palette of sounds and instruments that will enhance your creativity and help you focus on what matters the most: sound.

What is Arcade?

Developed by Output, Arcade is an application specially designed for producers and DJs, which provides an exciting list of tonal instrument kits, loops, synthesizers, and samples. Although this software can be used as a standalone, you will get the most out of it combined with a digital audio workstation. Working with Arcade is pretty easy, as you can browse and pick the instruments and sounds you need, download them, and instantly compose.

What are the key features of Arcade?

  • Sounds: Arcade has an extensive gallery of sounds, which can be filtered by genre, instrument, tempo, and more. Each of the kits has a short description previewed. The kits are separated into three categories, including Sampler Kits, Notes Kits, and Samples. Sampler Kits consist of more than 4,000 sound kits, and you can find 15 different kits with different instrument parameters within each of them. Note Kits work similarly to other MIDI virtual instruments, with notes along the keyboard to make melodies or chords. Finally, Samples have an incredible amount of samples and loops that can be cut and edited and used as a sampler-like instrument.
  • Tune and tweak: You can also change the instrument's parameters and adjust them to your needs. We recommend using a MIDI controller for a much more accessible and intuitive user experience.
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  • Combinability: Arcade really shines when used combined with a digital audio workstation, such as Ableton or Logic. Hence, it offers compatibility with VST, VST3, AAX, or Audio Unit, making it compatible with practically all the most popular programs.
  • Updates: One of the most positive features of Arcade is that its subscription includes regular updates. New kits and loops are added daily, keeping users on the cutting edge of what's new.

How to use Arcade?

You can access a large panel of tutorials and examples if you want to hone your skills on Arcade. Also, consult the general quickstart guide or the one specifically tailored for Windows.

Is Arcade free?

We provide you with the 30-day trial version of Arcade.

Is Arcade safe?

Yes, Arcade is safe to use.