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AutoHotkey stands as one of the ultimate solutions to extend the features of your shortcuts. As a very simple-to-use scripting language, it allows you to create and customize all your shortcuts, create hotkeys, and create basic or very complex scripts to automate tasks. This is a must-have.

What is AutoHotkey?

AutoHotkey is a free and open-source custom scripting language developed by Chris Mallett and Steve Gray to allow users to easily create small to complex scripts for any kind of task. In a nutshell, it empowers you to create shortcuts, hotkeys, automated tasks running in the background, and lots more.

What are the key features of AutoHotkey?

  • Hotkeys: You can create hotkeys and shortcuts to execute an action, replace text, automate repetitive tasks, extend the features of your keyboard or mouse, and more.
  • Create scripts: AutoHotkey can be used to create simple or advanced scripts from scratch and can assign, manipulate and retrieve variables, run loops, and interact with windows, folders, and files.
  • Emulate: Yes, you can create a custom script to emulate keystrokes or mouse clicks and movements.
  • Advanced features: You can perform really advanced tasks with custom data entry forms (GUI windows), work with the system registry, use the Windows API by calling functions from DLLs, and lots more. There is almost no limit to what you can do.
  • Visual Studio friendly: As the source code is in C++, it can be compiled with Visual Studio, and memory access through pointers is allowed just as in C programming language.
  • Easy to learn: AutoHotkey has been designed to reach everyone, so even though you are not a programmer, you can still easily learn how to use it to perform simple or complex tasks.
  • Huge community: Over the years, a strong community of users has kept participating daily in developing and improving specific scripts, and people share what they do.
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How does it work?

If you want to know how to create a script, you can consult this guide. If you want to use it while playing games, have a look at the dedicated section. If you have any other questions, you can consult the huge community forum.

What can you use AutoHotkey for?

You can do many different things thanks to AutoHotkey, like:

  • Remap your keywords, like from QWERTY to AZERTY or DVORAK.
  • Use shortcuts to fill in file names or other phrases.
  • Type punctuation not provided by default, like "…".
  • Control your mouse cursor using a keyboard or a joystick.
  • Open documents, websites or programs using keystrokes.
  • Automate repetitive tasks.
  • Quickly prototype before implementing in another programming language.

Is AutoHotkey free?

AutoHotkey is open-source software, so it is completely free of charge.

Is AutoHotkey safe?

AutoHotkey is completely safe to use, and Norton Safe Web agrees.

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