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  • Developer Beneton Software
  • Version 4.0
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PF Auto-Typer is a specific program that allows you to send messages automatically and control many parameters to make it look like you send them. It is easy to use and configurable, so what are you waiting for?

What is PF Auto-Typer?

PF Auto-Typer is a discontinued program that is able to simulate key presses on your computer and read and copy text files automatically. No matter how you use it, you can save lots of time or make fun of your friends.

What are the key features of PF Auto-Typer?

  • Simple: The interface is composed of nothing more than a single window, making it very easy to understand and master. You will quickly get used to using it.
  • Send messages: PF Auto-Typer can simulate key presses on your computer and allows you to send fun, fake, and pre-formatted messages to people. It reads text files and recopies their contents into any active typing field. You will also be able to see the typing progress in detail, like the current line, the line progress, the elapsed time, etc.
© PF Auto-Typer
  • Configurable: Thanks to the settings, you can control how the messages are sent, including the typing speed, delay, loop, number of iterations, if a sound must be played when sending a message, and more.
  • Extendable: PF Auto-Typer features a built-in programming language named PFATL that allows you to extend the possibilities of the program, like executing files, displaying messages, controlling the mouse and more, depending on your skills and the automation pipeline you set up.
  • Profiles: You may want to use the program for several purposes, like pranking your friends, customers, or whatever you need, so PF Auto-Typer allows you to create and save several profiles to make sure the typing settings remain the same for every situation.
© PF Auto-Typer

How to install PF Auto-Typer?

During the installation process, you will be offered additional third-party pieces of software to install that you may consider not useful. If so, discard them.

How to use PF Auto-Typer?

  1. Once installed, under the Source panel, you can start by clicking on New file to add a new text file containing the messages you want to send.
  2. Then, under the Settings panel, you can configure all the typing settings you need.
  3. Finally, you can click on Start to start sending the messages.

Is it free?

Yes, it is completely free to use.

Is it safe?

Yes, no malware or data leaks have been detected so far.

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