Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro free for PC

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Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro is a full virtual keyboard on your screen that lets you use your mouse cursor or touch screen functions to input characters, making it especially ideal for mobile PCs. The software provides all of the features of a normal keyboard and even offers some additional benefits, like the customization of size, color, number of keys, etc.

What are the key features of Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro?

  • Universal: This on-screen keyboard might come in handy for mobile laptops, tablets, and kiosks. You can use almost any device for typing, including a touch screen, pen, etc.
  • Personalization: You can customize your on-screen keyboard's look and behavior, such as the number and position of keys depending on your habits, colors, size, and the skin of the keyboard.
  • Inclusive: This digital keyboard is adjusted for everyone with no exceptions.
  • Multilingual: You can select any language from an extensive list with just one touch.
  • Special Functions: This feature will be helpful if you are a developer writing their own software. Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro lets you use special functions, such as show, hide, move, and change the layout or any other parameter.
  • The keyboard in this software is multilingual and even supports gestures for the quick input of capital letters, spaces, etc.

How does Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro work?

Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro works as a digital keyboard that you can use if you don’t have a physical keyboard or if you work on a tablet or mobile PC. You can fully customize it and use it instead of a standard keyboard.

Is Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro free?

This is a free 30-day trial version. After it expires, you can buy a lifetime license for one user for $29.95.

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