Mouse and Keyboard Recorder free for PC

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Mouse and Keyboard Recorder is a utility for capturing mouse and keyboard moves on the screen of a computer and repeating it after that. This is developed and published by RoboSoft Software.

What are the key features of Mouse and Keyboard Recorder?

  • Recording: With the intuitive interface, this program can record the mouse and the keyboard activity with a few clicks of the mouse. The action is saved in a location on the hard drive and the user will just have to give a name to this task.
  • Repeat the actions: Once the recording is saved, Mouse and Keyboard Recorder allows users to repeat this move so as to automate the action. It can be repeated once or several times. It is even possible to set delay time between two repeats.
  • Supported hotkeys: To quicken the process, Mouse and Keyboard Recorder developer makes it possible to be activated through hotkeys.

Is it free?

This is a shareware version that expires after 5 recordings. You can buy the full product from the publisher's website for $29.95.

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