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  • Developer Javad Taheri
  • Version 2.1.0
  • License Freeware
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Keyboard Test Utility instantly checks your keyboard's health, highlighting active keys on a virtual layout. Effortlessly identify faulty keys with real-time feedback and visual history, all in a light or dark theme. No setup is needed; just download and start testing.

What is Keyboard Test Utility?

Keyboard Test Utility offers a swift and user-friendly method to ensure your keyboard is in top working condition. Ready to go immediately after download, this no-fuss tool showcases a virtual keyboard in both light and dark themes, catering to various preferences and setups. Engage in real-time testing by pressing keys you suspect are faulty—they'll light up on the screen to confirm their status. A unique feature records your keystroke history in a subtly different hue, easily resettable with a click.

What are the key features of Keyboard Test Utility?

  • Interface: Keyboard Test Utility offers a functional interface, a little bit old-looking, but still reliable as you clearly see the keys you are typing on the interface. Moreover, you can choose between a White and Black theme for more comfort.

  • Key response mastery: Discover how responsive and accurate each key on your keyboard is. This utility shines a spotlight on the communication between you and your keyboard, ensuring every keystroke counts.

  • Lightweight: Keyboard Test Utility is the kind of solution that only does a single job, but it does it well while consuming the minimum amount of resources.

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  • Rollover revelations: Test the limits of your keyboard by seeing how many keys it can accurately register at once.

  • Ghosting detection: Uncover hidden ghosting issues where your keyboard misses or misinterprets multiple key presses. That's particularly handy to quickly check if any keys are not working correctly and spot the issue.

  • Tailored testing: Adjust the testing parameters to suit the unique characteristics of your keyboard. Indeed, it supports several types of device layouts, including ANSI, DP-72, and SL-91, as well as your key mapping config.

  • Portable performance: Keyboard Test Utility is your on-the-go solution for keyboard diagnostics, as it is ready to use without installation.

How to use Keyboard Test Utility?

  1. Launch it.
  2. From the bottom part of the interface, choose your layout and theme.
  3. Start typing, and the corresponding keys will be marked in a distinct color so you can visually distinguish between past and present keystrokes.
  4. Besides tracking the keys you're actively pressing, the program also maintains a brief history of previously pressed keys. To clear this history, click the "Reset" button, which you'll find in the lower part of the interface.

Is Keyboard Test Utility free?

Yes, Keyboard Test Utility is free to use.

Is Keyboard Test Utility safe?

Keyboard Test Utility is considered safe to use.

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