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  • Developer noxula
  • Version 1.1.0
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Gacha Nebula is an RPG video game based on Gacha Club with some updated features to bring more variations. Come discover the new customization options, game modes, and possibilities.


  • Character creation: Gacha Nebula comes with many more items to pimp your character's look, bringing the whole mix to over 300 customization options. Indeed, Gacha Nebula adds more clothes, jeans, jackets, cell phones, hairstyles, eyebrows, bracelets, and many more options. You can also fully customize your character's physical appearance by modifying body parts like the face, eyes, or hair.
  • New pose: Gacha Nebula is the first Gacha title to include a seated posture, allowing you to create new scenes and atmospheres.
© Gacha Nebula
  • Scene compositions: You can create your own stories by composing and arranging scenes the way you want. When your characters are ready, you can assemble your scene's different aspects, like foregrounds, backgrounds, objects, pets, and more. Besides, you can move and scale them as you wish. Dialogues, narrators, and transitions are also all yours to give your story a unique taste.
  • Pets: Many different pets (cats and dogs, but also more exotic and crazy creatures) are available to spice up your scenes and let you create crazy stories based on quirky plots.
© Gacha Nebula

Graphics and sound

Gacha Nebula features 2D anime-like graphics that manage to make you experience a cool journey full of action and discoveries. The sound effects also add more immersiveness and coherence.

Game modes

Gacha Nebula offers a single-player experience and several game modes, such as Mini Games, Gacha, Battle, and Studio.

  • Studio: This is where you can let your imagination go wild, create scenes, and let the magic happen.
  • Battle: Four battle modes are available, each one offering a unique challenge. They are quite similar to what Gacha Club features.
  • Mini Games: Each mini-game has an Easy and Hard mode. There are plenty of mini-games and challenges where you will be able to collect gems and bytes to gacha for more characters.
  • Explore: You can explore different places and multiple cities to design a fun lifestyle for your characters.

Age rating

There is no official rating, but it can be considered suitable for an audience of 12+, just like the original game.

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