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By tracking your sleep with your phone, this innovative game turns every night into an adventure, attracting Pokémon based on your rest patterns. Charge your phone, set your bedtime in the app, and wake up to new Pokémon friends. It's not just sleeping; it's a journey to a healthier lifestyle, making mornings exciting as you discover which Pokémon your dreams have summoned. Sleep well, trainers!

What is Pokémon Sleep?

Transform your sleep into an adventure with Pokémon Sleep, designed for Android by The Pokémon Company. Unique in gameplay, it requires you to sleep to play! By placing your smartphone or tablet on your bed, the game uses the device's accelerometer to track your sleep patterns. 

Upon waking, you're greeted with an analysis of your night's rest, divided into light, medium, and deep sleep phases, each attracting different Pokémon to your base, led by a Snorlax. Progressing in the game unlocks new sleep modes for your DormiDex, promoting healthy sleep habits and making mornings exciting as you discover which Pokémon your slumber has attracted. Sleep well, score high, and fill your world with Pokémon!

What are the key features of Pokémon Sleep?

  • Sleep tracking adventure: At the heart of Pokémon Sleep is the innovative idea of tracking your sleep patterns. Using your phone's microphone and accelerometer, the game monitors how long and well you sleep. For those who want an enhanced experience, there's the Pokémon Go Plus+ device, which not only tracks sleep but also plays soothing sounds to remind you of your bedtime. Sweet dreams and Pokémon await!

  • Sleep reports & scores: After each sleeping session, you're presented with a detailed report categorizing your sleep into Dozing, Snoozing, or Slumbering types. This report not only assesses the quality of your sleep but also calculates a Sleep Score based on the duration and noise level of your sleep.

© Pokémon Sleep
  • Meet your sleepy companion: Upon starting your journey, Professor Neroli introduces you to a Snorlax. This isn't just any Snorlax; it's your sleep buddy, and observing its sleep patterns is key to the game. Feed Snorlax with berries and meals to increase its power, enabling it to attract a variety of Pokémon as you both snooze away.

  • Feed, attract, repeat: The more you pamper Snorlax with food, the stronger it becomes, attracting diverse Pokémon types. Achieving milestones increases Snorlax's rank, unlocking the possibility of rare Pokémon encounters post-slumber.

  • Drowsy power unleashed: Your Sleep Score and Snorlax's score combine to form a Drowsy Power. The higher this power, the more Pokémon you'll find visiting you. It's like a sleep party where everyone's invited!

© Pokémon Sleep
  • Pokémon sleep-style dex: Visiting Pokémon are categorized by their sleep types, mirroring the player's sleep patterns. Discover and record various Pokémon sleep styles in your Sleep-Style Dex, and by feeding them PokéBiscuits, you'll forge friendships that could lead to Pokémon joining your team.

  • Berry collecting teams: Once you've befriended Pokémon and they've joined your team, you can assign them to collect berries and ingredients. This not only strengthens your bond but also aids in attracting more Pokémon.

How to use Pokémon Sleep?

During the day

The variety of Pokémon that visit your camp at night is influenced by Snorlax's Drowsy Power. This unique power is naturally emitted by Snorlax, enabling you to attract Pokémon and expand your Pokédex through nighttime play.

Throughout the day, you can boost this power by feeding Snorlax and your other Pokémon berries, preparing meals for them, and creating bonds. These activities increase Snorlax's Strength, which, come nighttime, combines with your Sleep Score to amplify its Drowsy Power.

At night

Most of your adventure in Pokémon Sleep happens while you're sleeping, mainly at night, though the game allows for a daytime nap too!

You'll need to keep Pokémon Sleep running on your phone all night to get accurate sleep data. Just make sure not to shut the app or lock your screen. The app won't disturb your sleep; it dims to a dark screen after a few seconds. Also, it's smart to keep your phone charging overnight to avoid it running out of battery.

Your sleep needs to hit the 90-minute mark to contribute to Professor Neroli's studies. To kick off your nightly journey or nap with Pokémon Sleep, just launch the app, hit the Sleep button on the lower right of the screen, set your bedtime, use any incense you have, and tap Sleep.

After that, all you do is sleep! When you wake up, press End Sleep Session and Start Now to check out your sleep stats and discover which Pokémon your snooze session has lured in.

Is Pokémon Sleep free?

We offer you the free version at no cost, but you can also purchase the paid version and get extra features, like soothing sounds to remind you of your bedtime and more.

Is Pokémon Sleep safe?

Yes, Pokémon Sleep is considered safe.

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