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  • Developer noxula
  • Version 1.1.0
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Gacha Nox is a modified version of Gacha Club with more items and customization possibilities. Apart from bringing a lot of differences when it comes to levels compared to the original game, you can enjoy all the content for free and live thrilling stories.


  • Create your characters: You can entirely create the design of all your characters, from clothes, accessories, facial gestures, and more. In Gacha Nox, you will find new eye customization, T-shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, coats, shoes, sneakers, T-shirt logos, and new accessories. You will be able to create an incredible amount of diversified characters in your own team.
  • Battles and Gacha: Epic battles await you as over 180 units, and 150 pets are available. As you win fight after fight, collect useful resources, level up your team members, and take down powerful bosses.
© Gacha Nox
  • Design your stories: New backgrounds are also available. You can build your own stories and fights through several scenes and turn your characters into true actors. Indeed, choose your backgrounds, place your characters and their gesture, add a narrator, compose dialogues and transitions, and turn your story into reality. You can really compose all kinds of stories.
  • Cute little pets: All kinds of animals and creatures are available and customizable to spice up your stories. Be prepared, as you might encounter cute cats and dogs, sharks, and fictional creatures.
  • Mini-games: Puzzles and skill challenges await you to be completed and unlock more content.
© Gacha Nox


Gacha Nox features 2D anime graphics offering a stylish and cute experience throughout your adventures.

Game modes

Gacha Nox offers a solo experience and the same game modes as Gacha Club:

  • Battle mode: Playing Battle mode, you can build your teams to fight and level up as you progress. There are different options you can choose from, including Training mode, Tower mode, Story mode, and Shadows of Corruption (you can fight bosses).
  • Studio mode: You can create your scenes with characters and pets, change backgrounds, add dialogues and a narrator, and build your own story. You don't need any in-game currency here.

Age rating

Even though the game has no official rating, as it is a cosmetic mod, you can consider it the same as Gacha Club, which is PEGI 12.

How to install Gacha Nox on your PC?

There is no specific installation process. Just make sure to unzip the compressed file we provide you with WinRAR.

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