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  • Developer Elena
  • Version 1.6
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Gacha Neon is an exciting and colorful fanmade mod of the famous Gacha Club. With its vibrant graphics and addictive gameplay, you'll be hooked from the start. Introducing new accessories, content, and character customization possibilities, plus all the original scope of its predecessor, you will enjoy a fun and unique gaming experience with Gacha Neon!


  • More customization: You will be pleased to find more costumes, bags, heads (like headless or earless), masks, scarves, and a lot of other items, in addition to well-known accessories such as hats, dresses, pants, swords, sticks, and umbrellas. Also, you will be able to fully customize the physical appearance of your different avatars and tweak many other characteristics and settings.
  • The scene is yours: You can build your own stories and all the scenes you want from scratch. Indeed, once your characters are created, you can freely choose all aspects of your scenes, including the foregrounds, backgrounds, objects, and pets, as well as move and scale them as you wish. In addition, you can create custom dialogues between characters, create story-telling scenes with narrators, and use face presets.
© Gacha Neon
  • Pets: Just like Gacha Club, Gacha Neon features many different pets (cats and dogs, of course, but also more exotic and crazy creatures). These cute characters will spice up your scenes and allow you to create more diverse stories based on quirky plots.
  • Start now: You don't need to register to play Gacha Neon, and there are no third-party ads. That's the kind of detail making a difference, as you can directly jump into the adventure.
© Gacha Neon


Gacha Neon features 2D anime-style graphics that are quite identical to those of Gacha Club, offering an entertaining and beautiful visual experience.

Game modes

Gacha Neon offers a single-player experience and several game modes such as Mini Games, Gacha, Battle, and Studio.

  • Studio: This is where you can let your imagination go wild, create scenes, and let the magic happen.
  • Gacha: You can play Gacha for special units to fight in battle and collect heroic spirits. There are over 180 units to use in combat, 150 pets to increase your stats and lots more.
  • Units: You can strengthen your units in three different ways, either by Enhancement (use it to level up your units), Awakening (awakened units increase their Max Level up to 200), or Skill Enhancement (levels up a unit's Active and Passive skills to further boost their performance).
  • Battle: Four battle modes are available, including Story, Training, Tower, and Shadows of Corruption. You can earn gems and obtain unique units by battling in Shadows of Corruption (to unlock it, you need to clear chapter 2).
  • Mini Games: Each mini-game has an Easy and Hard mode. There are plenty of mini-games and challenges where you will be able to collect gems and bytes to gacha for more characters.

Age rating

Gacha Neon introduces body characteristics that may contain blood stains, so you may consider the game more appropriate for a mature audience. Still, it doesn't contain any violence.

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