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  • Developer tobyfox
  • Version 1.08
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Undertale is an RPG game where you fight monsters in the underworld. It's a challenging journey filled with puzzles and adventures you will love to discover.


Imagine that you are a child and have been trapped underground in a huge dungeon full of monsters. That doesn't sound like a very pleasant situation, does it? The good thing is that the creatures that inhabit the underworld of Undertale do not necessarily have to become your enemies. You will have the opportunity to decide if you want to hear their moving stories and try to forge friendships with them, or if you are more of a coldblooded type you can simply destroy them without showing mercy. Whatever your strategy is, every decision you make will drastically affect the course of the story. The future of Undertale is in your hands!


  • Solve riddles: Many of the objectives that you will need to fulfill to proceed with the story involve solving challenging riddles and puzzles.
  • Negotiation or attack: When you meet certain characters, you will have to choose whether to attack them, run away or help them resolve their conflicts.
  • Dialogue system: The storyline is full of charismatic creatures and funny dialogues, which will vary depending on the decisions made earlier in the game.
  • The battle mode: If you decide to fight against one of the monsters, you will have to dodge its attacks in the style of classic shoot 'em up and wound your enemy until its health is fully reduced.
  • Variable difficulty: The more violent your own battle strategy, the more difficult it will be to dodge the counterattacks of your enemies. 
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Graphics and sound

Visually, Undertale is a full-fledged classic RPG, with 2D graphics reminiscent of 8-bit consoles. Among its clearest inspirations are the sagas of Mother, Brandish, and Mario & Luigi. And just like the game's art design, the soundtrack also packs tons of personality.

Duration and game modes

Undertale is designed as a solo adventure that does not include a multiplayer experience. Although the game is relatively short (about 6 hours), it does have a high level of replayability.

What do the reviews say?

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Undertale has a 92/100 weighted score on Metacritic. Among users, the game has also received very favorable reviews.

"Undertale is a fresh and original indie adventure: great story, great characters and a wonderful soundtrack.(IGN Italia)

Age rating


Undertale has been classified with the PEGI 12 label. Its aesthetics may be perceived as a bit disturbing by younger audiences, but it does not contain extreme violence or strong language.