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  • Developer SheerSt
  • Version 0.8.10
  • License Open Source
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Hold on and come discover this refreshing and innovative fanmade Pokémon title. It features groundbreaking possibilities compared to other Pokémon games, radically changing the way you interact with your environment while keeping the same original visual look we all love. The game is in Alpha, but it's really promising, so give it a try and join the community.


PokeWilds offers an innovative way to play a Pokémon game because the whole world is procedurally generated, resulting in huge maps full of different biomes and unique monsters. As you progress in your adventure, you will face new monsters of higher level, so be brave and try your luck to get the rarest ones in dangerous and mysterious places.

This is an Alpha, so be indulgent: even if it's not perfect it still shows a lot of care and imagination in providing a good user experience.


  • Explore the world: PokeWilds allows you to explore and interact with your environment and your monsters in a brand new way, as you can now use your flying-type Pokémon to fly around the map, ride on your Pokémon, jump up ledges and over fences while riding, and teleport to specific hard tiles you placed in this vast world.
  • Battle and catch them: Throughout your exploration, you will face many different monsters (the same as the original Pokémon games) depending on the biome you are in and the period of the day (day or night). Also, you can choose to fight them to level up and capture them to expand your team. In addition, of course, you will meet unique monsters if you dare to venture into the most secret and dangerous places.
© PokeWilds
  • Shape your environment: You can now control your Pokémon while using HMs (it applies to Build, Rock, Smash, Headbutt, and Cutt), which is pretty interesting for moving objects and shaping your environment very easily. In addition, you can add new tiles and build extensions of your world, like bridges, build and edit signposts and gravestones, sleep wherever you want to restore HP, and more.
  • Many biomes: PokeWilds features many different innovative biomes full of life, including Deserts, Graveyards, Forests, Wooded Lakes, Mountains, Tidal Beaches, Tundras, Volcanos, Savanas, and more to come. Each has its own identity and polished visuals and is full of diversity and life. As you explore the desert, you may be surprised the first time a pack of Pokémon tracks you down.
© PokeWilds
  • Berry trees: You can harvest many different berries growing on specific berry trees, including Cherry, Persim, Pecha, Aspear, Rawst, Chesto, and more. Moreover, berry seeds will produce different types of trees depending on the soil they are planted in.
  • Build houses: You can build your house from scratch and add statues, couches, walls, vanity, plushes, potted plants, and more. The possibilities don't stop there, as you can also build your own ranch, fishing hut, or whatever else you want.
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  • Secrets and puzzles: This world also contains secrets and mysteries to solve, like this secret key you may find to unlock a mysterious mansion and discover the powerful and iconic Pokémon who lies in the basement.
  • Infinite content: You can surf or fly to the edge of the map to generate a brand-new world. Of course, you can save older versions of the game.
  • Storage box: Storage boxes can be placed in your houses to allow you to store all your Pokémon, change their name, and release them if you want.
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Graphics and sound

PokeWilds developer successfully reproduced the graphics from the original Pokémon Gen 2 games. As a result, the game features good old 2D graphics with some extra capabilities, which in our opinion simply look great. In addition, the OST and audio feedback sound the same as in the original titles, so that's quite pleasant.

Duration and game modes

Because it is still under development, the game has no specific duration or game modes. But you will discover many different things and places by exploring the infinite possibilities of the various worlds. Of course, there are also many hidden places and mysteries awaiting you to be discovered and solved.

What do the reviews say?

There are no official reviews, but the development seems well-managed, and more features are added constantly. Moreover, a true community supports this project, and they even have a dedicated Discord server.

The game is still under development, so it contains bugs, and the world generation may take minutes. Nevertheless, it's a solid and good project that deserves its success so far. If you face issues while playing the game or want to report bugs, you can consult the dedicated sections on the development page.

Age rating

There is no official PEGI rating for this PokeWilds, but it does not contain any violence or strong language, or anything offensive for that matter, so it can be considered suitable for all audiences.

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