R6 Tracker free for PC

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  • Developer Tracker Network
  • Version 2.0
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

R6 Tracker is a real-time tracking software for Rainbow Six Siege stats. It was developed by Tracker Network and it aims to offer users a way of tracking their performance in order to improve it and learn from their experience.

What are the key features of R6 Tracker?

  • Player overview: With R6 Tracker, players get the possibility to track their overall progress. This includes various information such as recent and long-term stats, as well as general ranking. The information is updated in real-time, as you play.

  • Live roster: R6 Tracker is there to help users build their long-term strategy and plans. This is possible because the software allows them to get a general enemy overview but also seasonal MMR, win and abandon rate, and headshot rate, to quote just a few.

  • Player lookup: In addition, users can look up specific players and not only a general overview. To find the player in question, you can either use the live roster, the matching history or, if you prefer, just type freely their name. All these methods will lead you to the player's profile.

  • Easy-to-use: Another great thing about R6 Tracker is that it is very user-friendly. This includes not only the general interface of the software but also the installation process: once you download it and run the installer, the software will automatically launch and detect your real-time in-game account.

Is it free?

Yes, you can download and use this software for free.

Is it safe?

It seems that the app has no history of security issues or abusive data collecting. As always, we recommend reading the official Privacy policy before installing.