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Riders Republic is a multiplayer action and extreme sports game. Embark on a huge open-world playground and challenge your friends and other players in bike, ski, snowboard and wingsuit races. Riders Republic is Ubisoft's big bet to enter the world of massively multiplayer games (MMO). This is our Riders Republic PC download page.

Key Features

  • Open world: According to Ubisoft, the Riders Republic game universe is one of the biggest open worlds ever developed for a sports game. Riders Republic showcases America's top national parks, such as Yosemite, Bryce Canyon and Zion.

  • Multiplayer Duels: Take on your friends or other players around the world in bike races, skiing, snowboarding and even aerial competitions wearing a glider suit. Duels can have up to 50 players, which is quite a thrilling experience!

  • Real World Tournaments: Riders Republic has partnerships with the world's top extreme sports championships such as X-Games and Red Bull Rampage. Enter these competitions and fight not only for victory, but for the sponsorship of your character by big brands.

  • Full Customization: Like every good MMO game, Riders Republic allows full character customization, with skins, accessories and exclusive material. Over time, new items will be released, which can be purchased within the game or earned from race victories.

Riders Republic Release Date

Initially, the release of Riders Republic was scheduled for September 2021. However, developer Ubisoft however decided to set the game back for a couple weeks, with the purpose of having more time to implement beta user feedback. The Riders Republic new release date will be on October 28, 2021. if you want to know talk with other gamers about this game, we recommend you to become part of the Riders Republic Reddit community.

Riders Republic Price

The Standard version of Riders Republic is being sold for $59.99 at the Epic Games Store. In addition, Ubisoft also sells the Gold ($79.99) and Ultimate ($99.99) editions. The Gold Edition includes a 1-year Game Pass, whilst the Ultimate Edition also adds four exclusive style packs to the bundle. The digital version of this game is only available through Epic Games and Ubisoft's own website, meaning there is no such thing as a Riders Republic Steam purchase option.

Riders Republic Trailer

Watch the Rider Republic trailer here:

System Requirements

So far, the specifications for playing Riders Republic on a PC have not yet been announced.

Other Platforms

Riders Republic is also available for PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One/Series X|S.

Images: © Ubisoft.

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