Blackberry phone won't turn on - LED blinking red each 5 seconds


My Blackberry phone won't turn on, but the network/battery indicator flashes red constantly at regular intervals of 5 seconds.


The problem is that the blackberry is requiring too much energy to boot the system and is trying to take it from the battery. If the battery is not charged, then your phone will restart constantly.
You need to recharge the battery a little and then follow the procedure below:
  • Step 1: Connect the phone without the battery. The red light comes on, indicating that the phone boots.
  • Step 2: put the battery in and the light turns off
  • Step 3: Remove the battery 2 or 3 seconds after the battery logo is displayed (battery will start to charge).
  • Step 4: Repeat operation until you get a timewatch icon instead of the battery one.

Thanks to Fridule for this tip.
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