Page numbering in Open Office

There are those who face issues with allocating page numbers in the 'Open Office framework'. Software should be used to carry out this task. The procedure for page numbering is to click on the Insert option. The user should then click on Footer, and also select the type of page which they wish to get in that particular Open Office document. After placing the cursor in the footer, the user must insert the field. It is also essential to click on the document tab. After selecting the right text from option, some consideration should be made with the value field.

Here's how to add page numbers in a document in Open Office:
  • 1. Choose Insert - Footer and select the page style you want to add to the footer.
  • 2. Place the cursor in the footer and choose Insert - Field - Other.
  • 3. Within the Field's dialogue box, click the Document tab.
  • 4. Click on "Page" in the Type list and press "Next" in the selection list.
  • 5. In the Format list, click the numbering style.
  • Note: If you select "text" in format, only the text you enter in the Value field is displayed in the field.
  • 6. Click on Insert to insert the field with the page number.
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