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Print an A5 Booklet With A4 Sheets

Printing an A5 booklet using an A4 sheet can be quite challenging. While printing it in a straightforward manner would most likely spoil the output, the solution is to change the settings of the printer and the Word document.

Getting Started

The first step is to change the print layout of a single page in the Word document to somewhat similar to a book. After this, one needs to change the setting of the printer by accessing the Control Panel and changing the page layout to a compatible format. All that is left to do is to take back to back prints and the user will have an A5 booklet using only A4 sheets.


  • A working printer
  • A computer running Microsoft Word

How To Print an A5 Booklet

  • Arrange the Word file so that a page gets the same format as a page from the book (both sides).
  • Create a file, click on "File" -> "Print".
  • Click on "Properties" opposite to the name of the printer.
  • The Control Panel of the printer opens.
  • Under the "Layout" (or similar), choose "Portrait".
  • In Orientation of paper and layout options page (or similar), choose "Document attached" (or similar).
  • Close with OK.
  • Again in the Print window, select the menu "Print": even and odd pages.
  • Now your printer should print duplex in order to create a booklet!

Photo by Bank Phrom on Unsplash


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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