How To Call Private (Using a Hidden Phone Number)

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Whether you are calling from a mobile phone or a landline, it is possible to make calls anonymously by masking your phone number when you call. There are two methods that you can use to do so: you can choose to block your number intermittently by dialing a code before the phone number or by passing through your operator for a more permanent solution. Note that, in both cases, your calls remain traceable by police services and are required to be in line with related legislation.

Mask Your Phone Number via a Mobile Phone

To make an outgoing call with a hidden number on your mobile phone, dial the block code [*67] before the phone number that you wish to call. For example, (555) 555-5555 becomes *67555-555-5555.


On Android, it is possible to activate a setting that will allow you to make your phone number private for all of your outgoing calls.

To do this, go to the phone app, open the menu (three vertical dots), and click Settings. Next, click Call settings followed by Additional settings. In the menu that opens, click Caller ID, then finish by clicking Hide number.

Note that this process can vary depending on the model of your phone and the software version on which it is running.


On iPhones running the latest software update, it is no longer possible to toggle on a setting in order to hide your phone number. To do so, you will need to dial the block code [*67] before the phone number that you would like to call.

Mask Your Phone Number via a Landline

To mask your phone number using a landline, you will need to dial the prefix [*67] before dialing the phone number that you want to call.

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