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Fun Backgrounds for Zoom Calls

You might use the Zoom application for online conferences with colleagues and meetings with friends more often than in normal life. Here you will find 10 of the funniest Zoom backgrounds to hide what’s behind you and surprise your friends with a witty picture.

How to Use One of These Backgrounds

  • Firstly to download one of these backgrounds you will need to right click on the image and select Save Image To Downloads.
  • Then consult this article for a complete guide on how to change the background in Zoom.

Choose Your Background

The Oscars Selfie

If you feel lonely and want to impress your friends.

Robert’s Kelly’s Home Office

The shot from a famous Robbert Kelly’s interview with BBC News with his kids interrupting and playing in the background.

The Simpsons Living Room

Pretend you are hanging out with the Simpson family in their living room.

On the Moon

For the next Zoom meeting, why not swap your home office for the surface of the Moon.

Parasite (Oscar Winner)

Use the fancy interiors of the house from the Parasite movie as a background.

Untidy Kitchen

It’s never too late to shock your colleagues and friends with a very messy kitchen!

The Toilet Paper Stockpiler

Show your friends and coworkers that you are completely safe.


Make your coworkers doubt whether you are working or playing the whole day.

Hallway From The Shining

Add a little mystery to your conference call.

This Is Fine

When it feels like the world is burning around you, use this famous meme’s background to show that you're not phased by anything!

Photos from Zoom Backgrounds.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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