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How to Win Free Fire Matches in Every Arena

Free Fire has become one of the most popular Battle Royal games in recent times, alongside Fortnite and PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. If you play often, you'll have noticed that it's not at all easy to come out on top. To help you out, here are some of the best tricks you can use to improve your overall performance and start winning!

Getting Started

When to Launch

To choose the best area of the map to throw yourself into from the plane and to get the best resources, the best thing to do is to throw yourself in first. In particular, when you reach the 3:35 minute you can do it without fear. But remember, it's also good to know where your opponents are falling so you can be prepared when you start moving around.

Where to Launch

Although the areas with more resources are often the most disputed and crowded, sooner or later you will have to face your enemies. That's why it's better to get into the lion's den at first, so that you can opt for more and better resources.

Using the Parachute

When you jump out of the plane, you'll want to open your parachute so you don't kill yourself before you start playing, right? Well, actually, that's not necessary! The parachute will open automatically when you are about to land, so save yourself time and hurtle to the ground as fast as you can.

Which Character to Choose

Choose your character well. It is a good idea to select your character based on your preferred special abilities. Keep in mind that as you progress in the game, these skills will progress, so you need to think about your playing style at first. And remember that you can buy a total of three skills from other players.


Think hard about what weapons you're picking up. Get weapons as fast as you can to protect yourself from your opponents, but remember to diversify: you'll need equipment with short, medium and long range targets. Also take weapons that are not firearms, such as grenades: they will be useful for different attacks.


Choose your backpack carefully, because that's where you'll need to store all your items. Don't forget your helmet, bulletproof vest and first aid kit. Don't overdo it with your equipment so that you don't get too loaded.

Games Plans and Strategies

Keep a Low Profile

Keep in mind that the moment you start emptying your magazine, the rest of the players will know where you are, so it's a good idea to dose yourself to keep a low profile and not run out of ammunition. Think that you have other weapons that you can also use.

And when you're aiming at your enemies' heads, be aware of your shooting settings. In this guide we explain how to do this.

Keep moving

If you stand still, you'll make it easy for other users to shoot you in the distance. It's better to stay active and try to change your movement to throw other players off. It's better if you move around in a crouching position so as not to make any noise.

Hide Whenever You Can

You have many options: stones, trees, buildings, vehicles... every nook and cranny is susceptible to becoming a hiding place.

Heal Yourself

This is something that few players know, but you can heal yourself by being inside a vehicle. That way you'll be more covered. When you are inside, simply click on the heal option and open the inventory.

Pick Mushrooms - this will allow you to heal, but it can also leave you vulnerable to attacks from other players, so pay attention.

Move Faster in Water

If you don't want the water to slow you down, jump forward like a frog. This will allow you to run more. By the way, in or out of the water, if you go unarmed you will be lighter and, logically, faster. Mind you, consider whether it's worth the risk.


If you see that the land you are in has already been looted, bear in mind that there could be hidden enemies, so be extra careful.

On the other hand, when you are the one who makes ambushes, always make them from the left loop, since the position of the camera will allow you to hide better.


It may seem unnecessary, but here's an extra tip: use headphones. This way, you'll be able to hear the subtlest noises, like footsteps of your enemies approaching or shots fired from afar.

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