How to get Magic Cube in Garena Free Fire: hack, free

How to get Magic Cube in Garena Free Fire: hack, free

To get the Magic Cube in Free Fire, you need to collect 100 Cube fragments, this article will show you how to do this, and why it's worth the effort.

Why is the Magic Cube important?

Why are they so coveted? Because players who get 100 magic cube shards will be able to change it later for a new special skin, among the 22 that exist (Gamer Top, Dawn Eagle, Bandit packs, etc.). 

How to get the Magic Cube in Free Fire?

Firstly, the answer to the question, is there a Magic Cube hack? - no, there is not a Magic Cube hack for Free Fire, but it isn't that difficult to get the Magic Cube with a little effort. To get the magic cube in Free Fire, the first thing you should do is enter the different game modes of the title and do your best to achieve the best possible result: win. A tip in this regard is to play Squad Duel, as it is the fastest form of play.

At the end of each game, you will see a message in which you can know how many magic cube fragments you have won (10 or 5). This does not always happen, but in a random way, so you must keep your guard up and keep winning new games until you reach 100 fragments.

When you collect 100 magic cube shards, go to the store and go to the Redeem section. If you select Magic Cube Shards, you can select your favorite pack and swap them.

Can you get the cube without 100 Magic Cube Shards?

This event may end without giving you time to collect the required 100 Magic Cube Shards. If this is your situation, don't worry: there are alternatives to reach that number.

On the one hand, you can buy the Elite Pass. To do this, you will need real money or diamonds. With the Elite Pass you can get new rewards and when you reach 170 medals, the system will give you 10 magic cube fragments. If you overcome more than 250 medals, then you will be able to access an exclusive chest with new objects, including - if you're lucky - the magic cube.

Another option is the Diamond Royale, which gives you magic cube fragments and even the cube. In this case you will need tickets to spin the roulette and more luck, since it will depend on the chance that jumps in the first or second spin.

Finally, another possibility to get fragments of the magic cube is the Incubator, although in this scenario you will also have to get enough tickets to spin the roulette.

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