Dell wireless devices not responding

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Cannot get my Dell computer to recognize the wireless switch. Used "Fn" with the wireless button but the switch is only effecting airplane mode o and off. Tried going into wireless devices to turn on and the system is not even highlighted to be able to change - frustrated to the point of pulling my hair out. Don't know what else to do - system help just keeps telling me to turn on my wireless.

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OK, what model are you using?

It could a switch that needs to be physically turned on! Did iit ever work?

If it has never worked, then you need to take it to the person that sold it to you and ask them to turn it on, and show you how!

If it did, and now it doesn't, then you would need to look on the sides, or front for a switch. Turn it on.

If there is no switch, then you must press another key with the function key to turn it on. SO, what color is the "wireless" (WIFI) icon on the key/ Find another key of the same color, and press it along with the WIFI key!

Give that a chance, or tell us the model, and we will go to dell, download the manual, read it, and post back!

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