How do i hook up a pc wireless for internet

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Hello, I have a newer HP with vista and i would like to get wireless internet like i do on my laptop. do you just flip a switch like the laptop or is it something to be installed. I have att 2wire router but it is in another room and i dont want to run an ethernet cable that far.

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Is this HP a desktop PC?

Most desk tops do not have the hardware for wireless connections. You may need to buy a USB wireless adapter for the desktop to connect.

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I HAVE THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM !!!! i really have no ide a what im doing, but i trying to establish a wireless network on my main desktop first then configure all my other pcs to match that of my main desktop... i have a hint that that won't work :( pleeeeaaaaase tell me if you find a solution:)

I am using wireless Adapters and that can catch others wireless device but we are using one company of net service. tell me how can i get the password of secure wireless connections becoz some of people allow that but mostly apper password.

Hope anyone know that.
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Look for the USB Adapters... Of course there are other brands, but now you know what you are looking for...

A USB Adapter is the easiest way to go, but if you are not scared to install a card into the computer, look for a PCI or PCI-E Wireless Adapter. Some Newer Computers don't have a PCI Slot as most are trying to go to PCI-E... In which case if you don't know, contact your Manufacture of the Computer to find out the Specs on that.

Good Luck and all of which is very easy to do it yourself. No need to hire a tech to do it for you.

I have a desktop computer and bought my husband a wee acer laptop we got a wireless router from Tiscali a thomson ,it came with a cd which I could not put in laptop as there is no drive so conneced everything to router but when I plugged it in to phone line I lost the desktop connection what am I doing wrong