How to convert PC based software to web based software [Closed]

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I am wondering whether there is any software (or tool) that can convert any PC based software to web based software? I would like to make some of my software accessible on the website so that it can be accessed using mobile phone and mac. I also went through Web based software video for help but did not find any help.
Could you help understand it?

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

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NO, there is no program that will do what you are asking. You must manually convert the code to some other language. Microsoft product claim they make web forms and such, but you still need to know programming to deploy them!
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Brilliant !
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The OP was looking for a convertor to convert existing language to another language, not how to deploy solutions. They wish to convert a client server app, into a web app, your post does not help with that. Sorry. 2 out of three isn't bad tho bro!
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@gainerp - the link you provided show the processes involved. Where is the software download the OP is hoping for?