Connected to the Wifi but can't browse [Closed]

 AndreyAzrael -
So let me explain y'all what happened. My contract with my Internet provider is on cable so I won a Router and Modem. 5 days ago I got disconnected from my WiFi and Internet wasn't available but for nobody not just for me. The following day till now no matter what I connect the Router works, Internet is there BUT it says its unavaible and after some hours it comes back again and says the speed is 1Mb/s but if u click on other devices and programs to read how fast the internet is you can clearly see ite above 80Mb/s every time! It doesn't matter with what device I connect to it's the same problem. I really need some help please!

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Considering your issue, I strongly suggest that you contact your Internet service provider as the problem seems to be related to the network.

Good luck
Thank you for your reply, I already did they said the Modem is corrupted and that I need a new one but I thought they are wrong..that is why I thought I may not be the only one..
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You can also troubleshoot it, make sure that all lines are connected properly for it to work.
I did that but the only this that windows says its that it cannot locate any issues. Also one light blinks ( internet one) the other ones are out. The TV works just fine thou..