My pc is connected to the internet but sometimes it wont work

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my internet is connected to my pc, sometimes it works like it needs to, most of the time my pc wont use any data for some reason.
for example,
you wanna load a sports website, its loading quick and good to go.
but then after 5 minutes you go to the same website, on the same network but it wont load, you look at the task manager and find out that there is no usage of wifi at all.
you look at the internet access icon, the internet reception is at max and there is no error mark next to it.
i tried to reset my pc, switch internet companies, switch routers, resetting the ipv4....
i tried anything.... my internet (im using wifi for my pc) just wont work.
i used the wifi on other devices including other computers and it worked perfectly.
you might think the problem is with the repeater or with that thing that gets wifi signals for the pc, well it is not.
i used my phone's hotspot on my pc and it worked without any problems.
no matter what i tried, it failed.... hope that one of you guys would help me

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Sep 1, 2017 at 07:29 PM

How do you know it isn't the "repeater"?

If it connects fine with your cell hotspot, but not the repeater, it kind of sounds like its the repeater!

SO, does your machine browse on a wired connection for any length of time? If it does, then the machine is good!

If it only has issues with WIFI, perhaps the CHANNEL it is broadcasting on is conflicting with another close range WIFI device? Change the channel it is broadcasting on.

Do you have the repeater as the same password as the main WIFI? How close are the two devices to each other? Is your device seeing one WIFI, then seeing the "repeater" and trying to "switch" to it, causing a lag, then seeing the other main device, and switching to it, causing lag? It WILL happen!