Crashed harddrive with itunes lost

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would like to move my ipod library back to new hardrive in original computer
can reload itunes but cannot get all my library back

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Hard drive crashed, need to reload I tunes on new hard drive from I Phone.
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If You've purchased music from the iTunes store, go here:

Go to the bottom of the page, Click Contact Us

Tell them your problem. they'll contact you and you may be able to re-download those missing files.

If there is music on your iPod that doesn't appear in your library:

Go To My Computer

Make sure hidden folders are shown by going to Tools > Folder Options > Hidden Files and Folders > Show Hidden Files and Folders > OK

Double click your iPod

Click on a folder named iPod_Control

Click on a folder named Music

Highlight and drag the music folders into your iTunes Library.

Note: This might not work if you synced your iPod with iTunes,
a silly question...where exactly do i find the i tunes library in to which i have to copy paste the "music" folder?
thank you! my computer crashed and i lost my itunes- this made it so easy to get them back! :D
This was very helpful,, thanks!
I have two PC I backup all the music from one pc and install in the other computer I fund the music In Itune directory but when I open Itune can not
see my music . I when to Edit preferences advanced and I put the foldername were all the music is in my hard drive.

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