Getting an error to launch Google Desktop

 Arup -

I've installed Google Desktop previously and it was working fine, but suddenly I got an error message in the start-up of windows. So, I uninstalled it completely and reinstalled it. But after reinstallation the Google desktop, I'm also getting the same error message like this.

"The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory. The application will not run properly. The relocation occurred because the DLL C:\WINDOWS\System32\SHELL32.dll occupied an address range reserved for windows system DLLs."

Please help me. I like it very much. Please provide me a solution to rectify this problem.

Thanks Arup.

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I've upgraded my Windows XP, from SP2 to SP3, but still the Google Desktop isn't working in my PC. Please help me to install the Google Desktop and use it properly.

Thanks for your help.
Thank you

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Google desktop works better with Vista! If you are using windows XP update to service pack 3