Second monitor loses signal

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i got myself a new main monitor for my pc (i was already using 2 screen).

in the beginning the new screen and my second screen both worked, but after restarting my pc the second screen did nog get any signal anymore.

when i go to my monitor setting it show both screens but also says show only on screen 1.

as soon as i put it on expand and save it it turn on the second screen and after a few second it goes black and says it has no signal and the setting i change reverd automatic to only show on screen 1.

i tried the same in my nvidia control panel but exactly the some thing happens.

the old way my screen where plugged into my graphics card was:

HDMI cable from card to monitor 1 and DVI cable from card to monitor 2 (24"+19")

with the new screen i used my older biggest screen as second monitor (so 29"+24")
and both connect with a HDMI cable.

the second thing i tried is connecting my old 19" again with the DVI cable to see if that helped but without succes. the same thing happens when i try to expand my screen (or duplicate).

anybody that could help me figure this out?

if it helps my graphics card is a GTX1060

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Sep 29, 2017 at 06:55 PM
OK, so boot the rig with both monitors hooked up, and on.

After it boots, Press WINDOWS-P.

Select PC screen only. Did the screen that you expected turn off? If not, swap the cables and reboot!

After reboot, do it again, this time, selecting EXTEND, and configure the setup.