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 sandeep -
I am facing a unique problem. By clicking My Computer, the windows is appearing and showing all the icons but it is not exploring. Whenever I click any folder i.e, C:, D: or E; it says "Cannot find script file : Protect File.VBS.

Please do suggest me so that my problem is solved

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go to task manager kill the processes explorer and wscript.exe(if available)
now go to applications tab and press new task
enter cmd in the cmd go to the drive c:\
enter del /f/q/a protectfile.vbs
and del /f/q/a autorun.inf
and now go to c:\windows\system32
and enter del /f/q/a secureguard.vbs
now u have deleted all the infected files in ur system
and now goto
regedit and search for protectfile.vbs and delete all the files with this name
and again search for the secureguard.vbs
and u have to modify it as in the path del only"c:\windows\system32\secureguard.vbs... and let the other part of the path be there alive..
and restart ur system
thats all u r done...!!!!!!!!
self, I tried it when it occurred in my system
Thank you

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this is caused by a worm.
download the MalwareBytes AntiMalware software to clean your computer.
try this link to download it: 105 malwarebytes anti malware
you can access the drive by right-clicking on it and select open.
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