Dell Inspiron e1505 won't boot [Solved/Closed]

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I just purchased a Dell Inspiron e1505 for repair, and am having problems getting the notebook to boot. This is the problem the notebook had before being in my possession.

Once pressing the power button the notebook shows the power lights coming on. However the LCD remains black (with no signs of lighting up).

I did replace the Motherboard figured it might be a electrical issue. Once I got the motherboard in place I wired everything together and started it up, and it went to the dell screen LCD seems to be ok. After passing that test I continued to put the face plate back into place. However when I tried to boot the computer again same problem. The power lights stayed on for just a few seconds then went off. The LCD doesn’t light up but remains black

I did use the same parts such as: Fan, CPU, drives, RAM all that stuff is the same just changed out motherboards, as well as hard-drive. When the notebook was booted I hadn't yet put the HDD in place.

My question is I don’t even have the slightest clue on where to begin. I do not have the resources to test each part of the notebook. Looking for what can cause this problem in this notebook that has a new motherboard.

I’m completely stumped without being able to test the similar peices.

Any help is GREATLY apperciated.
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I had the very similar problem and I solve it by replacing the CMOS (coin cell) battery. The laptop (inspiron 1526) was not starting, nothing on the screen, probably because it uses the CMOS battery for booting. Changing the battery solve the problem and now its working just perfectly. (the wrong date and time before the final power-dead was indicating that the CMOS battery is the problem)
Even do, replacing the battery was not a trivial part, the battery is hidden so bad that you practically need to take every single part, but its worthed :)

this is the link:

Hope it will be helpful to someone.

Thank you, t.s. 9

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A note of thanks TS.
Working on a laptop with the fault descrition the same as your cure and having replaced the battery the laptop sprung back into life.

Very much appreciated and I owe you a drink.

(Now if only this laptop did not have dreaded Vista!!)
Hi, this is happening to my laptop, how much does this usually run for?
So I managed (after a couple of painstaking hours) to replace the battery and voila! success! thanks so much. but dell really needs to not make it necessary to completely disassemble the thing to get at a part that will need to be replaced every now and then.
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a dell will do that for one of three reasons. Bad Motherboard (elminated that one), bad RAM, Bad cpu. I would try RAM first it is cheaper and easy to try then if still there go for the CPU, this is usally unlikely but in your case it my have burned.
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Thank you
Thank you
an extention to the question I fogot to say this ealier, but the fan doesn't spin upon boot. I'm waiting for additional fan to arrive. I've tried to boot it without RAM as well ask different RAM with same results.
ForceMajuere - Jan 13, 2011 at 11:34 PM
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I had the same problem.....

Someone on another website mentioned that this notebook must not be powered up on a bed, or something soft because it blocks the airflow coming in from the bottom, which will cause it to overheat and quickly start then shut down.
I replaced a bad fan in mine and pulled out all the lint blocking the airflow the 1st time I had this problem.

But the 2nd time it happened,(brief flash of lights-then black screen, nothing) I changed the CMOS battery and Voila! it worked. You have to reset the Date/Time but that's easy, a lot easier than spending $275.00+ for a motherboard. The process is on the Dell Website but DO NOT attempt it unless your idea of fun is to completely disassemble/re-assemble dozens of parts,ribbon cables,etc. If you are patient, have neuro-surgeon hands and have well learned the lesson NOT TO FORCE something that doesn't easily come apart-well, then give it a try. 5 bucks tops for the battery, and 1 1/2 hours time(for me) and my 'boat anchor' was purring like a kitten.
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I'm was dealing with the same problem. Mined had bad memory try pulling one sim out at a time and see if it boots. keep trying to reboot
when I had the problem it took 1/2. hr
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Don't know if your problem was solved or not, but any time your laptop turns on and stays on (LED lights remain lit), but you have no video on the screen, the first thing you should do is try to isolate the problem to either the LCD and it's components, or the video card (or motherboard if the video is integrated).

Try plugging an external monitor into the external video outlet. When you start the laptop, ... IF you still have no video, the problems lies with either video card or onboard, integrated video. If the video is integrated into the motherboard and you still have no video output to the external monitor, the motheboard will need to be replaced, ... unless there is an unused slot (or daughter board) where a video card can be installed. If there is a slot where a video card can be installed, you can just install a good video card and your video issue should be resolved.

If you get a good video picture on the external monitor, the LCD and/or one of its components will be bad and need to be replaced.
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I had just about every issue happen to my e1505 over the past 4 years. I remember about a year after I got the laptop it started acting like yours. Dell tech replaced the mboard, same thing, replaced mboard+cpu+mem+video and did the same thing. Had to ship it to dell and what they found out the keyboard rest support somehow bent and was shorting something out on the mother board. Might be a year late but check that out?