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Battery Alarm is a lightweight program that can monitor the battery level of your laptop and alert you when it's low on power. The notification sound can be configured depending on the user's preference.

What are the key features of Battery Alarm?

  • Discrete location: after downloading the .exe or .zip files and installing it on your laptop, Battery Alarm stealthily sits in the system tray. It remains unnoticed in this location until the battery drops below 8%. A predefined sound is being played each time the battery power is at this level.
  • Customizable visual and sound alerts: Battery Alarm allows users to choose their favorite song as a notification.
  • Set up the minimum battery level: 8% battery level can be redefined depending on the users' needs. Changing the minimum battery level is utterly feasible. For example, it can be set at 10 or 20 percent. Notification can be repeated at a regular time interval (minute).

Is it free?

Yes, Battery Alarm is free to download and use. 

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