Black screen on my HP laptop

SandraGuidry - Updated on Nov 28, 2018 at 02:03 PM
 SandraGuidry - Jan 17, 2018 at 07:21 PM
Hello, I have a black screen on my hp laptop, read your post about troubleshooting...and find where you said to try to power up holding down the keyboard. It worked...I have a screen now and my computer came up. Now....what is a "video chip" so I know what to try to order? (Yes....I am a novice.) :-)

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xpcman Posts 19530 Registration date Wednesday October 8, 2008 Status Contributor Last seen June 15, 2019 1,825
Jan 17, 2018 at 02:56 PM
Sorry, most laptops do no make it possible to replace the video chip. I fact, most laptops have the video chip integrated into the CPU.

Good Luck
Thank you for the information!
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Jan 17, 2018 at 04:16 PM
Try this

1. Remove the battery and cable.

2. Press and hold the power button for 58 seconds.

3. Replug and start.

Good luck
Thank you!!! Appreciated.
So appreciate your help! I did this...and held the keyboard as someone suggested...and I'm up and running! Thank you!