DVD tray keeps opening

Rick - Updated on Sep 15, 2017 at 02:04 AM
 BigGimpin - Feb 27, 2018 at 03:30 AM
My DVD tray keeps opening. It will not stay closed more than 5-6 seconds unless the drive is in use. I can still play DVDs, it will read any DVD like it should, the darn thing just will not stay closed. When the drive has no disk in it, it pops open like it would if it were waiting for a disk. Eventually, the tray itself is going to get snagged on someting and physically break off.. Any suggestions?

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hi there,
  • Your computer may be configured to look at the cd drive or dvd drive first. When this happens and there is no valid info for opening a os (windows) it tends to open up. This can be fixed by simply changing the order by which the computer looks for information to load the os (boot sequence). This can be done in the BIOS of the computer. Many comuters have diffrent ways in accessing it and it is recommended not to mess around with it if you dont know what you are doing.
  • Your drivers may not be up-to-date. Try to download and install latest drivers.
  • It can also be a hardware mechanic problem. You need to remove the drive, open the casing and clean the dust inside.

Dear Sir,

You are right the problem is a mechanical problem. But Where to clean? I did n't find it. The just problem I find is that these drives have a switch to detect opening and closing instead of detecting by motor current. This switch goes wrong very soon. Do you know any way to remove this switch from circuit like other drives?
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Feb 16, 2010 at 03:03 PM
The grease on the dvd carriage rails gets hard
and cleaning this will help with problem