CD-ROM/DVD drive won't work

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When we put a CD-R in it shows a little disc with an hour glass on the desktop. When we click on the drive it says, "please insert disc" as if there is not one in there already. It does not matter if it is a blank disc or one with something on it. I really need to get these to work so I can back up files and save files on a disc. Could someone please help me? The top drive is DVD RW. It will not recognize or play any type of disc. The bottom drive is DVD ROM. It will play an audio CD. It played an old Family Values Tour CD .It will play a commercially recorded CD. It played or opened up a disc I had for a free 1175 hours AOL disc. It will not recognize a blank/empty CD-R.
System Manufacturer MEDIONPC
System Model MS-6743
My OS is Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version:5.1.2600 Service Pack: 2.0 I have never installed or replaced any drivers.
System Configuration: Windows XP

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Alright Windows users listen up.

I had the same problem and your site helped me out a lot, however none of your solutions worked for me. It did lead me to find the answer though so for those who have the updated driver already and have tried everything else follow these instructions:
  • Step 1: Click Start > Run. Type in " sysdm.cpl " into the dialog box that it shows. Click okay and it should bring you to a "System Properties" dialog box.
  • Step 2: Go to the tab "Hardware" and click "Device Manager" once there locate your driver. Mine was called "DVD/CD-ROM drives." Double-click it to show it's contents and there should be another device under it. Mine had an question mark but in some cases it might have an exclamation point next to the name. Mine was called "AOPEN DUW1608/ARR" but if your's is different, it's okay.
  • Step 3: Double-click the newly revealed hardward "AOPEN DUW1608/ARR" and it's own dialog box will appear. Go to the "Driver" tab and select "Update Driver..." from the buttons below.
  • Step 4: Now, select "Install from a list or specific location" and click Next. In the next box select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install" and again, click next. A different box will show with compatible hardware for your driver. I selected from the bottom believing it was the most recent, it was called "CD-ROM Drive [IMAPI settings 1,5]." Click next and finish the instructions it gives you.

After that your driver should be working fine, I was able to run Sims 2 afterwards perfectly.

Hope this helps you guys!
Thank you

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i followed all the steps but at last after clicking install new update button, it shows that latest updated version is already installed in your PC..after this i inserted the disc and facing the same problem .... What do i do ????
Thank you, that was amazing!!
Apparently this is what I was missing. the last step of choosing the driver gave me the CD-ROM drive listed. once I installed this my disk drive was reading easier
This has been causing me all sorts of problems and your fix worked immediately.

Many Thanks
IT WAS SO SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok for the unrecognized CD in the drive for the writing process perform the following.

Power down your system

Once the system is down hold down the eject button on the drive and hit the power button to power back up.


Once your system is completely up (log in screen, desktop up) let go of the eject button.

The drive will open and you can either close it or put your CD in.

This process of holding the eject button while the system restores is re-calibrating the laser.

Hope this helps!!! :)
Clear SOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have any instaled virtual discs; egz daemon-tools SET ALL EMULATIONS TO OFF!!!!!!!
Restart system, it should be ok.


You may access the system registry by running the Registry Editor. To do that, simply go Start>Run and type "regedit" in the Run dialog box.

Once you are in the registry editor, you can navigate through the registry as you would for a regular windows directory.

To access the two specified keys, click on the following folders situated on the left hand side, in the specified order.

{4D36E965-E325 -11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Once you have opened the last folder, you should see two keys on the right hand side ("Upperfilters" and "Lowerfilters") which you may select and then delete by right clicking and selecting "Delete".

If you are unable to find these registry keys, it may be that they do not exist on your system. In such a case, this fix will probably not work for you, try first solution
Your registry solution worked like a charm. Thanks for posting, just wish I would have found it sooner. I spent hours trying to fix this problem! You're the man.
that didnt work either :(
I've been reading through pages and installing a codec checker and all sorts of crap tonight... FINALLY,
this microsoft automated fix it thing has solved the problem.

just popped in a movie and its actually working. yay.

this laptop isnt mine, i'm borrowing it.. so I didnt really want to go straight to regedit because it has been rare that I have to mess with things like that and I dont want to mess it So relieved right now though.
Your FANTASTIC! Your advice worked perfectly and I am someone that doesn't even understand computers. I now have the "FIX IT" icon on my desktop and will use it!!
Thanks again :-)
there is no upp er or lower filter

I recently wanted to transfer holiday pictures from my laptop onto a blank disc, which I do by opening a window for 'My Pictures' and then opening 'My Computer' to get to the E drive (where my blank disc is). I click open a window for E drive (which shows it as empty) so now I have both windows open next to each other.

I then select the pictures I wish to transfer and then drag them over to the E drive window onto the blank disc. Then the computer transfers these pictures without a promlem and I am able to view the pictures now on the disc.

But recently it would not do this command. The 'cd writing wizard' would report to me that I needed to insert a blank disc which I had already placed in the tray. I tried different makes of discs, restarted my computer just in case it had a minor glitch, cleaned the laser head, tried different programs to see if anything had change without me knowing about it etc, etc, but to no avail. After much hair pulling, swearing and so on, I tried a program called 'Set program access and defaults' in 'all programs', clicked on 'add and remove program' and saw it was set on 'custom' as default (and will do so everytime I go into this program) then clicked on 'Microsoft Window'. I tried the above again and this time it transfered my pictures to the disc without a problem as it always use to.

I hope this might be of help.
Just wondering....what did you change custom to? Thank you!
I am having trouble with my CD- ROM/DVD Drive. I am trying to install Photoshop and I tried your troubleshooting method and it keeps going back to custom even after I change it to Microsoft Window as a default. Any advice. I know you know this is VERY FRUSTRATING!!! Thanks for any help you can give me. Karen
did you try To roll back to a previous driver:

Open Device Manager.
Double-click the device category, and then double-click your device.
Click the Driver tab, and then click Roll Back Driver.
If you are asked whether you would like to roll back to the previous driver, click Yes.

If no backup driver is available, you will receive a message informing you of this
having a similar error was Ken-Ken. Trying to install Microsoft FSX (Deluxe) again because I just did a format. My Cd-rom/DVD drive won't recognize the disc - says "No Media". I have used the same disc on the same drive prior with no problem.

The drive still works for other types of discs (audio, recordable CDs and recordable DVDs), just not with DVD-Roms.
worked for me thanks

I am having the same problem as everyone here, with no solutions. First my computer would not read any blank cd's when I tryed to burn a home movie. It kept saying insert blank disk. So I looked up all the suggestions and tryed to unistall and reinstall cd-rom drivers which Windows reinstalled automatically when I restarted. Now the drive dosn't play any disk. I uninstalled nero partial downloads, and checked every thing mentioned in this thread. I also checked the enable recording box on the properties tab in the drive e:. I even checked to make sure all drivers were working properly. It says they are. I was low on disk space so I deleted a bunch of old files but I could really free up space if I could burn some of the data on my computer off ,but I can't do that because the drive dosn't work! ARRG! It loads and blink then spins when I put a disk in and then it just stops no dialog box or anything. I have tryed cd-r disk, music disk, and games that previously worked. The windows media and the disk writing wizard also show the "insert disk" dialog box. I tryed the windows dialog box repair wizard and it says it cannot perform because my drive may be malfunctioning or not detecting a disk.
Hi Did you get your problem sorted, because I have the same problem with vista
well -- after months and months of this I finally contacted HP and after they went through everything. it turns out that it is a hardware issue. I need to replace the drive itself and of course my warranty expired 2 weeks ago. FIGURES. tis gonna run me around 100.00.

i wish that unistalling 3rd party burning software was the trick for me. it would save me alot of money.

good luck all and if all else fails -- contact the maker of your computer and see if it is under warranty -- they will replace it for free is what they told me if I was still under warranty.

Hi the mane reason for this problem is a problem with some of your registry files and your sys system files which are located in system 32.

the best two ways to solve the problem is to either download driver detective and find a working serial for it from the torrent site you use or from a serial site or a keygen etc.. run the program and it will fix your drivers or recover your drivers.

failing this back up or dont back up any files you want (your choice) then re install your operating system or an alternative operating system which will restore all of your drivers, it will also delete most of the stuff you have which is why I suggest backing it up first if you take this option.

my email addres is Email Id removed for security. only email me if you have already tried both the options and still have no luck. DO NOT EMAIL ME TO ASK WHERE TO DOWNLOAD STUFF FROM

kind regards Martin J
After 3 full days of intensive search on the Web, I came across this forum.

Problem: "me too" with a twist.

System: Compaq A900 running Vista Home Premium. Automatic Windows update. Tons of apps. Latest was PowerISO to burn some learning videos.

Symptoms: In the midst of burning some DVDs and some CDs using PoweISO, DVD drive did not recognize anymore CDs (DVDs work just fine).

Troubleshooting Steps:
1. Tried all CD/DVD in another computer running XP SP3. They all worked. Not a media issue. Not a PoweISO issue.
2. Installed Nero 7 in both Vista and XP machines. Continued burning successfully DVDs and CD in XP machines. Vista only recognized DVD media but NOT CD.
3. Went through all update drivers, registry manipulation with Up/Low limits entries. NOTHING helped.

Diagnosis: XP works fine, Vista is the culprit.

Work-around solution: Suspecting Vista and all its updates are the issue, Compaq A900 was formatted and restored back to its factory condition. Installed Power ISO. DVD drive now recognizes CDs again.

My take: DVD drive (hardware) is rarely a problem. "It's the software, stupid!" It took 4 full productive days of my life to work-around this problem.
I am sure it will come back some day, next time it's just 1 day to restore the computer to factory state then re-install everything else.

Bill and his billions are looking prettier and smiling every time I wasted my precious day to fix his problem (or more precise, his built-in traps to make sure users like us scattering like bugs looking to get our tools fixed so we can be productive and contributing to his billions).

PS: some were asking "Why not restore using Restore Points?" Well, somehow Vista resets/deletes/ignores/forgets its functionality. I manually created at least 3 points, all were not kept by Vista. For this particular incident, Vista did not offer any Restore Point for me to go back to. It's another issue all together.

But all points to Vista and its BIG BIG problems! So use Windows at your own risk, be prepared to scratch and reload, pay your shrink so you still have your sanity.
I fixed mine by uninstalling the drive and letting windows rediscover it.
hey well I had this prob about a week ago and I solved it by opening the device manager which could be located in the control panel after you open the device manager click on disk drives and click on update after that goto dvd/cd-rom drives and update that as well after that try restarting your computer or laptop and it should work=]
I try to update too but its catn
1Control Panel -2 double click System -3 click hardware tab -4 click device manager -5 OE ATA/ATAA controller sect double click ide channel -6 click on advanced setting tab - 7 device 0 or 1 should be at ultra DMA (not POI) current tranfer speed should be ultra DMA - (if not) uninstal device drive and dvd drive (in my case it was Pioneer drive) - reboot computer to reinstal - once reinstalled reboot computer again - repeat 1 - 7 again that both settings are back to ultra and the problem is fixed. This can be caused by a faulty DVD. It has happened to me a couple of times and this will fix.
Thanks mate, i'll give that a proper read through tomorrow night.

Hope it sorts it out!


> daveyP
Hi daveyP, Hope the fix works for you but the main purpose of my fix was to change the drive setting back to DRM from POI. eg if recording a DVD and setting is POI the DVD may take up to 2 hours to copy whereas at DRM the average time is 12-15 minutes. I hope you have success. Sparks
Saving to flash drives are much easier by try this guys:
Try Turning your computer off and unplug it, open up the case and unplug the cd rom devices. Give it a couple of minutes and replug the devices and then the computer and turn it back on. windows should scan and detect then before loading up. Hope this Works
I wonder if my Compaq dvd-rom drive is the problem cause my Cd or dvd dont play at all
My Compaq laptop computer also has a CD-ROM problem It will not recognize any disc and I haven't been able to find any solutions even though I have exhaustively searched the Internet .
The problem = 3rd party burning software which has told windows to recognise all discs as blank in order to aid in the burning process.

The solution = Service pack 3
Uninstalling all 3rd party burning software (Alcohol, Discjuggler etc) also worked for me! (sorry for double post :) )
If your Cd rom wont work its because of the disk. The disk contains somes data that wonte alow you to copy but its so stong you have to get a sertin type of CD rom in stores to work. (I have the the same problem to.)
did anyone think it may just be that your driver isnt reading the disc at all? I have the same problem and I dont really know how to do all this fancy downloading n stuff nor do I want to... I just need an answer without taking chances. what does this "service pack" mean? please reply, and dont use smarticle only in 6th grade!
I too had the same problem. I took the disk drive out and replaced it with a used one. Now it works just as if nothing was ever the problem. My relacement one only cost $10 from computer renaissance.
Hi im having the same problem here like everyone else.

I have XP service pack 3, and my device manager says everything is dandy. My cd-rom will read commercially recorded cd's dvd's no problem, but when I try to put in a blank CD-R or burned cd it doesnt recognize it at all. Wont burn cd's either.

I tried making a backup of an album and it prepared all the songs, burned the first 2 tracks and then finalized itself saying there was an error with the disc. It told me to buy a different brand of cds but I know thats not the problem

i gave up and bought an external dvd/cd rom. My tech couldnt figure it out either