WD My Passport 250GB doesn't work on XP

SirPhongus - Jun 3, 2009 at 11:15 PM
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I have a Western Digital 250GB External Hard Drive and it works fine on my other laptop (which it's ruined and a Vista), but when it comes to a Dell Latitude C840 (which is old and an XP), it doesn't show up anything. ZERO! Like, I can hear the hard drive fan on but what's so unusual is that it keeps on making this click sound. So, please help ! It would be good for me and for my vacation!

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The problem is that your usb ports are not giving enough power to the external drive to sync the info. You would have to use a double branch usb cable to do so. But on the other side I have a similar problem with the same devise. When I was working on vista evrything was fine and working well but when I switched to windows 7 I could still sync the info but after 10 sec of sycing the transeft stop but its telling me that its still working and I cant even cancel the transeft. I know that the proble is that windws 7 regulate the power do that the usb port do not give execsive amout of power to the usb devise as a mather of security. But I want to blow up this safety protocol does sommone know how to do it ???
Yes, using a powered USB port did the trick!
I had a problem with Vista & this drive. I discovered that if I used a USB cable that came with my phone, instead of the one supplied by WD (because it was longer), the drive didn't work. I noticed that the drive wasn't spinning using any other cable.
IT worked, The USB port at the back of the PC has enough power to drive the Hard drive, AMazing... thanks
I upgraded my HP laptop to Windows 7 and my WD Essential Passport 250GB had the same frustrating problem. After reading this thread I changed the USB Cable to the shortest one that I own, about 2 inches. It worked immediately. thanks for the suggestions and I hope that this helps someone else.
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Dec 30, 2009 at 03:56 PM
I am having a similar problem. My WD 500gb drive is clicking too. I know that it is because it is not getting enough power but I have tried using the y-cable with both plugged into the back of my computer and it still isn't working. I am running XP...any suggustions
"My WD 500gb drive is clicking too" -- this is NOT the same problem that the other posters had (reread their symptoms, none of them had clicking). Clicking is different, it means that your hard drive is about to catastrophically fail. It might sound like I'm trying to wind you up, but that's really what it means, Google "hard drive clicking" for more information. Be grateful that you at least have a brief window in which to backup your stuff before it dies forever!
yes back port also work for me, no more clicking and drive shows up now
i had this problem but I managed to solve it. it is a power problem with the USB. First try the usb points on the back of your pc before trying to double up USB. The ports on the back of the pc have a greater power output
Thank you very much. Your way really helps me to fix the problem. Thanks again.
Tampv from Vietnam.
How do I double up my usb branch?The issue I have is that my computer ran my 300g WD External HD and it told me to update so I did and after that point it stopped working.I am using an Asus motherboard.The HD runs and stops and makes a clicking noise.If you know any tricks that can help me out that would be awsome
THANK YOU! I solved my problem with your advice... Greetings from Venezuela!
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Jan 4, 2011 at 07:30 AM
Ola! Gracias for your feedback Deilur

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Perhaps it is not drawing enough current from the laptop USB port. Try using a Y-cable and connect it to two ports on the PC.
Hey, I am having the same issue with my WD 250GB ... then I installed the autofix:

Man, I have two Hard Drives, now appeared another 2 hard drives ... I dont know what happened, and inside this hard drives there is a folder from DELL ... how the heck I remove or uninstall this autofix ???

please help, weird thing, I reinstalled my chipset drivers in secutiry mode and nothing, dont know what to do here ... seems this autofix created 2 logical hard drives ... for what ? and worst, my WD 250GB sometimes worked, now doenst worked anymore !!

incredible, any help ?
thank you
I have the same problem with mine since I let someone use it, it's came back clicking when plug it in....could it be a virus as the person who last used it said a file they was moving had a virus an since then my passport aint worked just clicks an not loading any ideas
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May 11, 2011 at 04:41 PM

Yes indeed it seems to be a virus
I'm Having the same exact issue, did you solve it?
Oct 10, 2009 at 03:41 PM
Chaps and chappettes follow this link from Microsoft 'A computer that is running Windows XP cannot detect a USB flash drive, an Apple iPod, or an external hard disk drive' (which worked for my PC) or buy a Mac, which worked best for me all round!