Sims 3 cheat box does not come up! [Solved/Closed]

 Jess -

i press CONTROL - SHIFT - C (& ive done this a million times before on sims 2)
but it does not work on sims 3 for me!!

please help... :(

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where is the game controls?
I have been having the same problem, I have also tried the SHIFT+Alt+Windows+C and it hasn't worked either.

Please help
Thank you

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go to the game controls and then check for the correct key.

or try pressing ctrl+shift+windows key+C.
U rock realiser I couldn't find the answer anywhere else on the net. Your a real life saver!
what do u mean game controls ?? pllzz help
but when I do that it goes 2 desktop
Yep ctrl+shift+windows key+C works great....thanx!!!!!
Thank you so much!! I had the exact same problem. Thanks again =)