How Do You Take SIm Back To CAS???

 Grier -
How Do You Take Your Sim Back To CAS???
Plz Help Me 4 SOme Reason These Sims Are Really Fat?!? uhh Yeah So HELP!!! Thx!!!

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'editsim Sam Moe' (or whatever your sims name is, and without quotes)

If that doesn't work...exercise...If you still don't like how your sim looks, save up 30,000 lifepoints and buy a Body Sculptor from lifetime rewards.
When u use the mirror to edit a sim, you can make a copy!
Before you start the game press Ctrl + shift + C if Windows Vista or 7 if XP press rtl + Alt +C. This sjould bring a blue pop up window at the top of the screen. Type TestingCheatsEnabled True and after press enter key the blue pop-up window should disapear if done correctly.
Now with testing cheats enabled while in game press shift while choosing the sim you want to edit. It will give you different choices one of them being edit in CAS press that and Voila!

Note: Make sure to save your game before and after, since there are a lot of posts on the net talking about the game crashing after editing Town, which is what CAS falls under.
apparently you can do it by typing in the cheat box 'edit in cas' or 'edit sim' even though it doesnt work for me, it might for you. and you can fix their fat by exercising them :)

Dear Sir,

Accordingly there is no possible way to carry out this task. You should have made a copy of the SIMS at start to have been able to edit it.

Thank you.