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I have file of student registrations that arent exporting to excel to properly. So I decided to copy all the cells and paste it into excel. However, it pastes all the information into cell A1 with a space between each data. There are 2,899 registrations, and I need them to be listed into rows of 11. Therefore I need 31,900 (11 for the labeling cells, student name, etc..) groups of text to be pasted into 11 rows. The range would therefore be A1:J2,900

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Hi PeteMohr,

' it pastes all the information into cell A1 '
Usualy when you paste data over to Excel, all the data is pasted in column A. So the rows are there but the column are not. Is this the case with you or did it really paste all the data in one cell A1?

'There are 2,899 registrations'
' need them to be listed into rows of 11'
'The range would therefore be A1:J2,900'

So I guess instead of rows you mean columns. But then you would end up with column K instead of J. Kind of confusing.

Are you familiar with the text delimiter option? You can find it under the Data tab. It will let you spread your data across columns based on spaces (amongst other options).

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