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How to automatically move/copy data from one sheet to another if certain criteria met.
Hi. I have two sheets, sheet1 I have data where each cell has 3 diferent values (0, 1 or N/A)
I want to transfer any data in Sheet1 whose value change to "0". For example:
Code Permits/Authorizations Used 0%
0101 Part A Work details 0
0102 Part B Work scope & description N/A
0103 Part C Specialty safety equipment N/A
0104 Part D Safety precautions N/A
0105 Part E Work authorization N/A
0106 Part A Work details N/A

all cells in colum 1 and 2 are conditional formated to change to red when selection in colum 3 is "0".

I want to transfer automaticaly ONLY any data in sheet1 whose value change to "0" in colum 3, and tranfer all data defined as "0" to another sheet (Sheet2). I do not konw how to do it. Some one could help me with this, please?

Could someone hwlp me on this, please?
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February 16, 2019
Thank you
So what part of your code are you stuck on? POst some code here and we can help.
Perhaps you need to look at this:

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