Auto Update a workbook with multiple sheets on one sheet of the same workbook.

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Good pm.
I need your help in order to enable me carry out update in ms excel.

I have a workbook with multiple sheets (namely, creche , nursery1, nursery2 and so on to grade5). I to wish to generate a daily report of changes made on the various sheets to the summary report sheet on the same workbook. Please somebody help me. And is it possible to auto input date upon entering the data?

Thank you in advance

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Why are you using a spreadsheet to track data? Use a Database. It seems as though you are in Education, why not use the proper tools for your job?

So, there will be questions about your solution. Like: Do you want a button to trigger these checks, or does it just happen?

Have you read this yet?

It is everything you need for your solution......

Post some of your code here and we can help. If you have no idea of what code to start with, RECORD a macro of what you are wanting to do, and apply that code to the model found on the above linked page (use variables!)

Post back if you get stuck!