I cant install any windows live messenger

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For some reason I cant install ANY windows live messenger. every time i download the thing to download it, it "skips" the Run, Save Cancel window and goes straight to my desktop,but when i click on it it says that its a "bad application" or "cant read from its location". And i have been trying and I've been getting the same response for DAYS........I need help...How do i fix this or make it work? I already have an account i just want to re-install a newer version of windows live messenger.

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Hye there, this is because you are using Windows 2000! You should install msn messenger 7.5!
Hey. Thanks Paul for your reply...but now it says i need to upgrade to windows XP or later. I just really want the newest version of windows live messenger. Got any more advice yo? I'd appreciate it!!!
i have the same problem and i don't know what to do......