Laptop screen broke,use external monitor

 jeff -
I have a compaq cq-60 210us. The LCD screen has been busted. I have an external monitor, hp w1707, that I am trying to get to work. When I plug the VGA cable into the laptop the screen on the hp monitor says no VGA input and then says monitor is going to sleep. I can't see the screen on the laptop cause it's broken so I can't go in and adjust the display settings. I have also tried pressing the fn + f4 to switch to an external monitor but nothing happens. Any advice

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check if the VGA cable used is a good one.
make sure that it is well connected.
else it might be that there is a problm with the computer motherboard or te graphics part.
FN + F4 button
what is that? i have the same issue. it will load windows then go to sleep, i can go into boot mode recovery mode and everything but when i load any part of windows it goes to sleep.. any suggestions