Adob Flash Player 10 has NO SOUND

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Hello, and thank you for any help you can give me!

So here's my issue I did mess with my java about 3 weeks back to make space but everything seemed to still be working until two days ago when I upgrade to IE 8.

I didn't have any problems until I upgraded to IE 8 then youtube stopped working then I went back to IE 7 and it still doesn't work. But I can hear music and movies played in Windows Media Player, and Quick-time.

I also looked in my control panel at the sound section so I know my sound drives are working correctly. I have Realtek HD Audio.

So then I uninstalled adobe Flash 10 and then re-installed it and the video loads but there is no sound, nothing seems to be working.

Plaese Help!!! ;-(

And Yes, the volume is up on my computer, youtube and the speakers are plugged in and turned on. ;-)

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I had the same problem. At first my audio worked fine, then one day it just quit, but only my system application sounds and Adobe Flash Player; my itunes and netflix audio still worked fine. I tried several things including restore, reinstalling Adobe, my web browser, Java, and even installing earlier versions of each, but nothing seemed to work. Actually, with one system restore, it messed things up worse and I had no audio whatsoever, so I restored it forward to a more current date.
I found that when I tried to open my "Sounds and Audio Devices" folder, it was saying that the file "mmdriver.inf" was missing, so I found a copy of that online, which was just a bunch of code in text, copied that to notepad and saved it as "mmdriver.inf" and saved it in my system32 folder.
I did a lot of research and it seemed to be that this problem was limited to only people who used Realtek HD audio. What I did, was reinstall my realtek HD audio drivers (there are 2 drivers on the disk. one worked and the other said it wasn't needed because my service pak was too recent for it- for that one I got the driver from the realtek website), and then simply opened up the audio control pannel (on mine it is a orange colored horn that will display your speaker configuration upon clicking it) and reassigned my speakers to the correct jack that they were plugged into.
What I found on one lonely thread somewhere was that there is a compatibility bug with this software, and with certain software upgrades, Realtek reassigns speaker jacks, so if you aren't occupying all the audio jacks in the back of your computer, then possibly this is the reason why you're not hearing any sound.
The reason I'm saying so much is because I'm not entirely sure what exactly it was I did that eventually fixed it, or if it was a combination of these things, or one solitary act, so I am just letting you know all the solutions I tried before it worked, so if one thing doesn't work for you, you might have success with another.
Hope something helps. I know I went through hell trying to figure out what to do.
Thank you

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Man me oH-My. I found the info you posted it saved me a ton of searching for sure.
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> neffon
I guess letting you guys know what info I did to fix my problem would be a good idea huh? I'm using fox fire 3.5.7 for some reason the sounds stop working with flash player 10. So I uninstalled it
Next I updated my Realtek High Definition Audio for Vista\Win 7 2.40 here
I went to the Realtrek website to get the driver but it was gonna take over a hour to download. So I found this site by doing a google search. The download only took me about a minute. After installing driver and a quick reboot and the driver installed fine. I opened foxfire and it ask me to reinstall flash player I did and everything works fine now. Thanks again guys for the info. Twas a great help to me.
THANK YOU! Worked!
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make sure that java script is enabled.
try this link to get the adobe lash player 9: 91 adobe player
this one should work.
Hi, flash player 10 runs video well, but sound is not working. I have Realtek HD Audio too.
It seems a bug or incompatibility. Any other aplicacions with sound runs ok, only flash player. I tested with IE7 and the last Firefox and the issue it's the same.
+1 neffon!
flash player started not producing any sound out of a sudden. The steps above were enough to get everything working again. Thanks!
ok so I found something that might help you guys. it didnt help me but try this:
1. Open Notepad
2. Copy and paste the following on it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32]

3. Save document as "missing.reg"
4. Close document
5. find where you saved document and double click on it and hit "ok"
At least I know I'm not alone, I really hope someone finds a soultion!
yea, HELP!!!! same issue!!!
have you guys found the answer yet? I have the same prob since I upgraded IE 8...tried to see if downloading firefox was any better but no. I've been searching high and low for a resolution
Got the same problem. No sound at all on the internet, but everything else works for audio.