Adobe Flash Player trouble - Internet EXP 8

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 buck51 -
ever since I installed the latest Internet Explorer (8) Adobe Flash Player wont work at all. For example - On sites such as : and - any video that requires flash wont play, and comes up with a small image in the top left hand corner of a few colourful shapes.

What can I do? I dont know how to uninstall INX 8, and I really want flash to work.
I have tried re-installing it, but it just says " save file" and not install, or run.

Suggestions please? I also tried it using the Firefox browser, same problem.

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Hey guys go to internet options>security and change security level to MEDIUM.and apply>ok.dats all.u r ready to go...thanks
Thank you

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internet options is in tools
my problem solved to install flash player in EXplorer 8 with a hit and trial method.
i opened SSC website. its home page asked to install flash. I clicked to install then it start proper installation . after installtion closed the explorer and start again.
thats all.
well, I just changed to medium & hoping that it works...tyvm for the advice! MUCH APPRECIATED
I'm running Win 7 32 with IE9. Adobe Flash still locks up IE with medium setting, no luck. I was on IE 10 with same results. Help please
thank worked

It is amazing how so many answers to this problem on Web fora are wrong. People giving advice should test it first.

Anyway, I found the answer in an obscure posting: it's a security bug. One can argue whether it is Microsoft's fault or Adobe's fault, but I wish they'd fix it already. Weird how days are passing and no fix has been pushed to the users.

Anyway, Microsoft changed the way that certain packages are signed with security certificates. Adobe didn't get the word, and continued to sign their releases in the same old way. The result is that current Internet Explorer browsers, versions 7 and 8, report an error for any website running Flash, and refuse to download the latest version. That is why System Restore, a drastic measure, can work. There is no fix that the user can apply. Changing user Security settings won't work. The only workaround is to switch to another browser. ANY other kind of browser.

David Spector
Springtime Software
I have tried them all and nothing is working for me. Facebook will open but the applications such as Farmville will not. What do I do now????? I have window 7 and Int exp 8 with adobe flash nothing is working together since wednesday.
I have tried all the suggested fixes but nothing works.
Flash works fine here:
But does not work here: it is just a square box with little shapes icon in the top right?

Please Help?! Thank you
Thanks, you are right. Their is no solution for this problem. You have change browser.
Thanks. You are right their is no solution to this problem. You have to switch to another browser.
I switched browser but still have the issue

If your problem is IE8 here is the fix... The key is using the executable installer for Flash rather than the ActiveX version.

1.Uninstall Flash using -

2.Download SubInACL from Microsoft from -

3.Install SubInACL.

4.Download the file from -

5.Extract the reset_fp10.cmd file to C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\.

6.Double-click reset_fp10.cmd.

7.When it is finished you will see "Press any key to continue".

8. Download the executable installer for Flash Player from

9. Install and enjoy.

I'm glad that worked for you, but I already tried it and it fixed nothing. Only reverting to Firefox (or IE 7) worked for me. No two Registries contain the same information.
This suggestion worked for me! I followed the directions closely, and then closed and relaunched the IE8. Oddly, when it first opened, it didn't take me to my homepage, but rather gave me a "error" message informing me the add-on's are not working...close the browser and reopen to turn them on.

Everything appears to be working now.
I had the same problem - flash wouldn't work on IE7 or IE8 but did on Firefox3. Went to Adobe's website for instructions - you have to download their uninstaller, close all apps, run the uninstaller, reboot and reinstall. I did this using IE8 and now it's working perfectly.
Thanks man for your help!!!!! It works!!!!! :)
Try this:
open ie8, go to tools, manage add-on, show all add-on,.
see whether the is any add-on disabled, especially Java's.
Enable it and try youtube.

If problem still exist, try to look for Java add-on, try to disable the older version of add-on for Java.. one by one then try youtube, it works for me..

Mine-vista home, ie8.
Yahoooo its Work
Go to tools -> manage add ons click to shochwave flach objects then on left click more information (blue text) and click allow on all sites
Yay!! So simple...and it worked! Thank you!
Thanks it seems to work, but not on youtube!!!
That worked for me thanks, if there was a way to rate top solutions you would have top marks from me

I followed these steps and it works right after that:
1. To change your security level:

Open Internet Explorer.
Choose Tools > Internet Options.
Select the Security tab.
Select Custom Level.
Find the section "ActiveX controls and plug-ins".
Set ' Download Signed ActiveX Controls' to Prompt.
Set 'Run ActiveX Controls And Plug-ins' to Enable.

Download and unzip

Yo...should be good to go....enjoy
Hi, I have IE 7.

I just had a couple of days when I couldn't watch videos and programs I have been watching for the past two months. IT WOULD TELL ME THAT I NEEDED ADOBE FLASH PLAYER 9. When I would install 9, I'd get 10, and still the videos would behave the same. JUST NOW I found a site WHERE SOMEONE ASKED after having installed Adobe Flash Player plug-in what to do because still having the problem (same thing). SOMEONE ANSWERED TO OPEN INTERNET OPTIONS (Click Tools arrow right of screen, s/b last on the drop down list), click Programs tab, click Manage Add-ons, Click Add-ons that have been used by Internet Explorer, then in the drop down, see whether Shock Wave player is enabled or disabled (enable it).

When I enabled Shockwave, RESULTS!!!! Hope this helps.
Very annoying and frustrating, and the problem persists in spite of all above suggestions, and regardless of browser. To see videos in Facebook, on websites, etc.. you have to upgrade to the newest Flash player, but if you use the latest Flash player, (well, a lot of us at least) you can't watch videos in Youtube. Adobe, where are you? I hope they come up with a fix for his.
Try Tools -> Security -> UNCHECK Protected mode checkbox, "Medium" security level and apply. Restart IE. It helped me.
Hey Try using mozilla firefox....that works :)...I have adobe but still Microsft internet explorer dnt let youtube wrk...but mozilla does...TRY it
tigrruz that work thanks a whole bunch grateful that it was soeasy
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This is what I did and it seems to work.

First I went to add/remove programs and checked the 'show updates' box. I then removed the two ie8 updates and then removed ie8 itself. (But don't restart yet.)

I then located the security update for XP numbered KB973346 which is the ActiveX killbits patch and removed it.
Then I restarted the computer.

I'd now reverted back to ie6 but you might go back to ie7 in which case I would remove that as well.

Next I clicked on 'Windows Updates' in the start menu and selected 'custom updates'. In the 'Priority Updates' list I selected ONLY the ie8 update and proceeded to install it. During installation I was asked if I wanted to install some other ie8 updates; I said no by unchecking the box. The installation completed and I restarted my computer.

Then I ran ie8 and tried to watch a video on You Tube. I got that damn message (for about the hundedth time) saying 'javascript blah... ActiveX blah' but then I clicked on the info bar at the top of the page and I got the ActiveX Install/Don't Install dialogue box, I clicked on 'Install' and Hey Presto! I can watch You Tube videos.

Good Luck!
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Thursday July 16, 2009
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Oh yes, and then I installed all the other updates and everything still works.

I think that one of the updates 'sees' the installation of the ActiveX update which necessitates writing changes to the registry as an attempt to change the way that web content is viewed and interprets that as a security violation before causing the operation to be cancelled.

By installing ie8 without the updates first and then installing ActiveX, the registry changes have already been written by the time the updates (which are installed after) have been put in charge of security.
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The only way I have managed to successfully get flash player to work on IE8 every time is to right-click on the explorer icon, then select "Run as administrator".........or use Firefox.

When I access my email Inbox through Windows Live Messenger, any emails with a link that may require Flash Player won't work, because I am not in Administrator Mode - even though I am an Administrator on my PC!

I think it has something to do with the UAC setting, as when I open IE using Administrator, the Internet | Protected Mode is Off. Any one any ideas on what should ideally be set?

Also, I have tried the "uninstalling Flash" method, etc, previously, but nothing has ever worked.

My OS is Vista Home Premium.
I had the same problem running Youtube on IE8. I did everything by checking the Java Script was On and re-installed the Flash Player 10, nothing worked.

Curiously, I tried running on Google Chrome and for my surprise It Worked! Try it if you have the same problem.
I was wondering why l cannot install Adobe Flash Player even I run it already and L had java script turn on but still Adobe Flash Player does not work L think it was corrupt ,so how do I fix this problem and be able to install Adobe Flash Player..ty
Dear Tim,

I installed Google Chrome and tried still the same problem, asking to install Flash Player new version even though I already installed the latest version of Flash, do I need to change any settings in Google Tool bar or what shall I do to watch videos I need somebody's help

I had the exact same issue. What you need to do is firstly turn off user access control. Then follow these instructions

Worked for me. The above basically sets the correct permissions on the registry so you can update the version of flash correctly.

Did the subinacl solution but flashplayer still won't work in IE 8. Nothing works. As if IE forgot about the flash player when it built it's latest version.
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Well for weeks I have tried every fix, in every forum and your advice finaly did the trick.
As you state, you need to remember to turn off UAC and follow the link instructions..voilla !
No more flash player hang- ups.

how do you turn off the UAC?
Thank you, this worked! I have Windows XP. From Control Panel I clicked on User Accounts, clicked on "Change the way users log on and off, and I unchecked "Use the Welcome Screen". I downloaded the subinacl from Windows Update and walaaa, it worked.! Thanks a lot!

I can't believe the continued silence from both Microsoft and Adobe. These large companies love making money but seem to hate fixing their bugs. They're like an addict who cannot accomplish the first step: admit they have a problem. They probably can't reproduce the problem because they use expensive, top-of-the-line computers and software. No Home Editions and Open Source or freeware on their test systems, I bet. I finally solved my problem by uninstalling IE8 and then installing IE7, then reinstalling the two special Flash Players for IE and Firefox hidden on the Adobe website (Firefox works better for me in general, but I have to use IE to test my Web programs).

I'm sorry I have no solution for the many folks who cannot get Flash working again with any browser. I wish that these two big companies would show some interest in fixing their products.

David Spector
Springtime Software
1.Uninstall Flash using -­tall_flash_player.exe
2. Restart
3. do what osp1238, on Tuesday July 21, 2009 05:03:40 PM says.
4.worked for me I hope for you also :)

Thank you osp1238!!
turn off protected mode/security setting leave level set at medium high
Hi, Same Adobe problem on installing Internet Explorer 8.and have gone back to 7. BUT I did find that if I right clicked on the link to a pdf document and then left clicked on 'Save target as' I will then find the pdf saved in 'Shared Doduments' and could open it from there. Might be worth a try for others. 8 is so much faster than 7 but they need to iron our the creases. Another think I found annoying was that if you clicked on the Home icon it didn't open another page, to do that you had to click on the little new tab and then sellect Google search.....need I go on!
Go to the following link and down load Adobe Flash Player 10.0:

Then close your web browser

Then extract the installer file

Then run the install package with IE-8 Closed

Once run then visit a site that uses flash such as (

problem solved!
says it's not current....
Internet Explorer getting jammed up with Flash Player Keeps trying to download the iexploerer freezes - Gave up and removed Iexplorer 8 and went back to 7.
Hey all. I had an issue with Windows Vista (32 bit OS) and IE8 where when clicking the ''I agree and Install'' or whatever it's called button, nothing at all happened, no pop ups, nothing blocked etc.

I followed the advice above and clicked and downloaded the manual installer from:­

Thank you Papermud it fixed it.

Changing security to Medium, uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling never worked sorry :).