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 CumptrDumy417 -
I have a Dell Inspiron 2-1, Windows 10. My PC will power up, keyboard lights up, and my Screen will light, but then goes Black, after a few Seconds, it will repeat process. I have taken out Battery and unplugged it, then did 30-60sec power button. Then hooked Battery back up, plugged it in, Restarted PC, and then it repeats the Black Screen over again.

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When booting, press F8 over and over until it beeps. ONce it beeps, don't touch anything. Does a different screen come up?
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Mark, could it be a power supply issue?
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yea, could be flakey, but I want to see if it will stay stable in BIOS! If so, then at least we know it isn't the display, or the PS!

I have tried all options in BIOS, none of them work?
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OK, so there was nothing there to change, I was wanting the screen to be painted. Did you change anything? If you did, get back in and reload the defaults. Double check that the USB ports are turned on by default. If not, then turn them on, and save. Reload the BIOS. Let it sit like this for about 2 hours! If it runs, then there is something HACKED up IN the OS, and you may need an external monitor to accurately determine what the issue is. Do you have an external monitor?

No, I do not but maybe i can borrow one.Unable to USB ports. Unable to bring up BIOS. Thanks. i contacted DELL Support, they said it was a Software Issue, and for a $100 Plus, they would be happy to help me. Right now i am Homeless, and have been since 4/20/18, I can't afford a $100.
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UNderstand. Make certain you contacted the real Dell support!

Yes, I do believe I was in Contact with the right people. Visited Official DELL Website, or at least it looked Official?

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