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So i was booting up my pc then i heard my fan was kinda loud and i saw how dusty it is.. So i decided to clean it it a soft brush.. I also clean the fan for my grapichs card.. After i was done cleaning i tried to boot it up but the monitor is just displaying the no signal logo.. So i opened my pc again and reseated both my ram and firmly attached all the other pieces back. But still my monitor has the no signal logo.. I cleared my bios by removing the cmos and it worked my pc booted up and displayed everything.. But then as i was rearranging my pc.. I unplugged the HDMI from the pc and when i plugged it back in it displayed the no signal logo again.. My graphics card is only 6 months old so i don't thin it's the problem..

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I love it when people try to clean as a fix!

Cleaning is preventative, and won't fix anything.

Take the RAM back out, and boot without the RAM. Does it beep, or flash lights? If no, then the MB is bad.

Did you use an ESD strap when you "Cleaned" it?
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"Cleaning is preventative, and won't fix anything." Yes and no ! I cleaned my pc and it cured my dog's sneezing.
i took both the RAMs out, and booted it up without them but i heard no beeps.. So i guess i need to replace my MB?

And no i was not using an ESD strap because i don't own one.. But i was taught that it doesn't matter as long as you hold on to the chasis of the computer case for a few sec before doing anything else on the pc..
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It matters! Make certain you have shoes with a rubber sole on! Your bare feet will discharge!

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