Acer aspire speaker not working properly

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i have Acer Aspire 4935 laptop .. its inbuilt Realtek spealer output is not working properly . there is sound but very low . have checked everything on the computer . everything is on the on mode or working mode . but no change .
can u help me.

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Something I found that helps significantly with this problem:

Right click on volume icon in system tray. Select "Playback Devices". Select the "Speakers" icon, and click properties. Select the Enhancements tab. Scroll down to "Loudness Equalization" and check the box. Click Apply.
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check the volume level.

go to control panel, souns and audio devices

you will see the volume level.

if it is on maximum, click on advanced and check the level, set them to maximum.
it is not problem of any settings. acer aspire have so poor speaker quality use headphones instead.
This model of laptop has horrible speakers. I knew they wouldn't be the greatest as I have an older ACER, but this laptop is like having a desktop with no speakers. I can barely hear the sound. I am very disappointed with this model and wish I had never bought it.
Try reinstalling the drivers or rather have a technician (from the store you bought it) help you reinstall the the drivers because I had the same problem when I bought my laptop. The guy who helped me fix it told me that ACER, when it comes to drivers they are sensitive you have to install them step by step and not by jumping from one to the other.
same here. very low and tinny.disappointing.