Toshiba Satellite's screen freezes and goes black

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My Toshiba Satellite L50-C-22L screen is black on startup most of the time, the laptop is on, but the screen is black. Sometimes the screen does turn on, and often 10mins to a few hours later, it will just freeze and then go black or just go black again. The laptop is on but the screen goes black. Sometimes when the screen is on and I leave it on sleep, it goes black and other times (but much more rarely) when the screen is off and I leave it on sleep the screen turns on.

Ive tried taking out the battery and charger and holding the power button for 30 seconds, putting everything back in and then turning it on. This works once or twice, but then very soon the problem comes again.

What do I do??? PLEASE HELP

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OK, do the battery trick. Then get to an elevated command prompt, and run SFC /scannow. Let it run. Post back what it returns.

It returns "windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations"
OK, good. Is it still running (meaning the PC, not the command)? Full Display?

Have not defragged ever. I have much more than 20 percent left. Im having this wierd random problem now, sometimes when it does turn on properly, when I log into my account the icons and text are all a much smaller size. Im trying to see if I can change it but the settings app isnt turning. The other apps are working fine but the start menu isnt working aswell. Everyone tells me to change size by going to the settings app but it isnt starting up. I want to fix this noe because I think the issues may be linked. Any ideas? Do u think the issues are linked? Thanks for ur help so far btw :))
Yep, this is why I log in daily: to help out if I can!
I would start by deleting the newest apps. Rebooting between each app. GET RID of free apps! NEVER use FREE SOFTWARE unless it comes from an APP store (like play). If you have software to "assist" in configuring the PC, get rid of those first! They are malware and are stealing your CPU for other stuff! Go to programs, uninstall, and start with the latest that was installed, working backwards!
Will do that soon, but something new happened just now, I switched accounts and in the new account size was fine, when I switched back to the normal account the size became fine again. Then a little Intel Graphics card icon popped up on the bottom left on the taskbar, now Im thinking this must be the cause of the problem. I went to the graphics card options and I think the "display scaling" is the cause. What is display scaling?
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Scaling, is the CPU making up for resolution, I think. So, what happens is the PC checks to see how big of screen it has to paint, and scales it to the best graphics settings (even though it may not even be displaying anything). It sounds like that account is mangled. Move everything in that accounts documents, pictures and desktop to another place in the PC, and delete that account (making certain to create a new one to log into first, giving the new one ADMIN rights). Then log in with the new profile, go to the C:\Users\YOURMANGEDUSERPROFILE\Pictures and every other folder below that one that has images or documents you wish to keep. COpy and move them to a new place, not in the USERS folder. Delete the mangled account. Copy all of your files to under the NEW PROFILE path. If you don't completely understand this, DO NOT DO ANY OF IT!
Thanks for the helpful advice, will try that now!